6 Uncommon Ways to Reduce Stress

6-uncommon-ways to reduce stress

With the holidays approaching, we’re all looking for ways to reduce stress. You probably know that a walk in the woods is a great stress-reliever. You also realize that when you exercise, and afterward, you feel great. This feeling of personal accomplishment is actually triggered by a release of hormones that fight stress and make … Read more

7 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Every Day

7 benefits of gratitude

Did you know that science has proven that being grateful leads to a higher quality of life?  People who express gratitude regularly live longer, are healthier, and also have a lower incidence rate of obesity, stress, anxiety, and chronic disease. The following 7 benefits are just a few of the many benefits of practicing gratitude … Read more

Best Subscription Boxes for Christmas Gifts

best subscription boxes for christmas gifts

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift idea, multi-month subscription boxes are a fun way to give a gift that keeps on giving. Read on for my favorite giftable subscription boxes for almost anyone, in almost every price range. If you enjoy this list, (or see something you’d love to receive) please share it and … Read more

Coming Soon…The Homeschool Review Crew

Coming Soon...The Homeschool Review Crew

I’m excited to announce that I’ll soon be reviewing homeschool curriculum for The Homeschool Review Crew! I’ can’t wait to have the opportunity to try new homeschool products and share them with my readers who are not only homeschoolers but also work at home moms. Here are a few of the reasons why I’m excited (and … Read more

7 Ways To Start A Business (Without Quitting Your Day Job)

7 Ways To Start A Business

Whether you’re looking to escape the 9-to-5 grind or you just want to earn some money on the side, there are plenty of ways to turn your skills and interests into cold hard cash online. Sure, making money online sounds like a daydream. But the truth is, even though starting a business of any kind … Read more

The Isolation of Working From Home: How to Avoid the Loneliness

The Isolation of Working From Home-

Isolation may seem like a strange word when you are talking about working from home. How can you feel lonely and isolated if you are at home with your children all day long? For anyone that has ever had a 9-to-5 job, you understand that interaction with other adults is good from time to time. … Read more

The Best Gifts for Freelancers and People Who Work From Home


Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is in full swing.  Whether you work from home, are a freelancer, or know someone who is, a tech tool gift will be well used and appreciated.  One of my favorite places to discover the latest gift ideas for pretty much anyone on my list is The Grommet. … Read more

Avoiding Overwhelm: Ways to Keep Your Sanity While Doing It All

Avoiding Overwhelm- Ways to Keep Your Sanity

There is nothing more rewarding than being a work-at-home mom. There is also nothing more exhausting. For anyone who has experienced this type of lifestyle you understand that unless you’re intentional to schedule it, there is never a vacation day, sick day, or time away from work and family. Although working from home may be … Read more