Um, Wow.
Do you want to know how to save thousands of dollars on hair removal and toss your razor in the trash?

My entire site is based on saving money and finding unique ways to cut costs. Many times we overlook the big picture and keep doing something that is hurting us financially. We think $6 for a month of razors is worth it. Who has a ton of money to spend on laser hair removal treatments, right? Well, I decided to do a little COST ANALYSIS on hair removal techniques and when I ran the numbers, the results were SHOCKING!

Conservatively, shaving costs about $6 a month. That figure only accounts for blades, no shaving cream or replacement razors.
In 50 years (ages 12-62) you will have spent $3600.00. THAT’S RIGHT, $3600.00 on removing your hair and several hundred nicks & cuts to go along with it!

If it takes you 5 minutes to shave and you only shave once a week, you will shave for 13,000 minutes
(over 216 hours or 9 straight days non stop!)
If you were to be paid minimum wage for that long
you’d make $1566.00. Basically, if you could be getting paid for that same amount of time, (time is money) that’s just more money down the drain.

Now let’s take a look at laser hair removal, which at a spa cost about the same or MORE depending on how many treatments you need.
Plus you have to drive there, and wait and drive home. That will add at least another hour or two to entire
time invested.

Neither of these options seem so “frugal” to me now! I’m obviously not figuring in inflation and what not, so these figures are bound to climb, but you get the idea.

Now I need to tell you the solution to all of this, because when I ran the numbers I wanted to scream “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!”
I asked myself, “What one thing has saved me the most and has been the most worthwhile purchase of the past year?”

It’s this little item right here, that has literally changed my life.

The Flash&Go Silk’n Luxx is only $298.00 at full cost (and I’ve got a discount coupon for you below) and lasts
a lifetime! 
Not only that, you can pass it on to your friends and family to use as well. Buy one and split the costs!
Can you imagine the nicks and scars and hassle you would save a teen over the course of her lifetime?

The Flash&Go Silk’n Luxx takes about 25 minutes per treatment. Even if it takes 10 treatments, you only
invested a little over 4 hours of your time! That’s dinner and a movie, people!

The Flash&Go Silk’n Luxx does NOT hurt, it’s a startling at first, but not uncomfortable or painful at all. Results will vary and it’s not recommended for dark skin tones, but most people are hair free within 10 treatments.
This is truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and would make a terrific gift for ANY woman in your life! Please share this post with friends and family, I plan to let my daughters use this when they start to want to shave. I’m so excited about it I just want to tell everyone! You can click below to be taken to the site. Don’t forget today only to use the code SILKYBLACK and you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING!