Cheap quick and easy valentines for school

Here is an idea for CHEAP, QUICK and EASY Valentines for School.

You can find everything at Dollar Tree! I have two children so I needed close to 50 Valentines.  I could have just picked up the standard cheap cards, but thanks to Pinterest,(insert sarcasm here) I felt like that was kind of lame.  I wanted to step up my game and do something unique and cute, but I also didn’t want to take something I saw on Pinterest only to find that half the other moms picked the same idea!

I was shopping at the Dollar Tree the other day trying to come up with some ideas and I saw these sticker boxes, There are 18 boxes of stickers in each bag – each bag is just $1.00!  So I got three bags.

Dollar Tree Valentines Day Sticker Boxes 18 per Pack

Each of these little boxes contains 8 Valentines stickers that look like this:

Dollar Tree Valentine Stickers


Then I found a bag of 100 of these foam heart “EVA” stickers (I was immediately drawn to the name because of my niece!) $1.00 more dollar down. I’m now at $4.00 total costs.

Dollar Tree Eva Heart Stickers Bag of 100

Next, I realized I needed to include some sort of message with these.  I had a stack of leftover hot pink paper, so I’m not including that in my costs.  What kind of catchy saying could I use with stickers? How about, “I’m Stuck On You!”?  My girls loved it. Simple and cute.  I went to (free servive) to design the tags on an 8.5 X 11 document and just copied and pasted and then printed off the neccessary copies on my laser printer at home.

This is what we came up with:

Printed Message Tags Designed with Canva


Finally, we just cut the message tags, opened up the sticker boxes and heart stickers and assembled.  The whole process took 30 minutes (not including shopping time at the Dollar Tree) and cost me a whopping $4.00 for 54 unique Valentines! I don’t have to worry about food allergies or showing up with the same Valentines that some other child is giving.

Here is the finished product:

Pile of Dollar Tree Valentines