poo perfume

A few years ago my sister bought me some Poo-Pourri (she was living with me at the time, so one can only guess that this “gift” was a “hint”) and I LOVED IT!  I’m the first to admit I love a good fart joke, and the word poo still makes me giggle.  Anyway, the stuff WORKED.  The only problem was, I went to buy some more and it was $10 for 2 ounces! You know what? Y’all can smell my poo all day long for all I care.  I’m not about to spend $10 on some hoity toity toilet spray.  I tinkered around with some different formulas and I’m pretty confident that I’ve come up with a great substitute!   I used what I had in my hall closet, so this didn’t cost me anything extra.

You will need:

poopourri 1


Mix it all up, shake and spray your poo smell away!

Use your least used or cheapest essential oils, not the expensive kind.  Remember, this is going in your toilet and you will be pooping on it, so no need to be fancy. 

Total Cost for Cheap & Easy DIY Poo Perfume:

  • 2 Tablespoons of rubbing alcohol $0.06
  • Essential Oils 40 drops about $0.50
  • Water – Free
  • Spray bottle (if you need to buy one) – $1.70

Total Maximum cost $2.26 for 3 ounces = $0.75 per ounce. (Poo Pourri is a 2 ounce bottle, so $4.99 per ounce.)

You will save at LEAST $4.25 PER OUNCE by making this yourself.

This would make a GREAT gift, although please don’t give this to your pastor’s wife or boss, save this for someone close!