I  love buying  blueberry muffin coffee from Big Lots when I’m there, but even at $3-$5 for a small bag, I still can get better deals per ounce on Maxwell House when it’s on sale.  I like the BLUEBERRY flavor so much, but after listening to some of the speakers at the FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT this past weekend, I realized I had no idea what harm I might be causing with the chemicals I was ingesting each day from my artificially flavored coffee.  E

xtracts are super versatile and it’s tough to get the pure and natural ones in stores.  Of course you can try to make them yourself, but I finally found a resource online that has reasonable prices and has an AMAZING selection of delicious organic or all natural extracts.



Go to HERE and search for blueberry extract and you’ll see that it is organic compliant! Check out the other extracts they have too, because I like to stock up and take advantage of free shipping at $50 using the code FREESHIP.

Now, just can buy the big cans of coffee for about $3-$4 after sales and coupons and just add a drop or two of my OLIVE NATION blueberry (or any others that look good to you) extract and some stevia.  There are infinite possibilities to flavored coffee when you combine various extracts and flavorings.

You can also use extracts to make a bajillion (spell check did NOT flag bajillion, how bout that?) different kinds of smoothies!

If you hate coconut – scroll past, as this is not for you.

If you DO, than you are going to LOVE this quick recipe for a samoa cookie smoothie using a Blendtec with about 12 oz. of cold brewed coffee, coconut oil, caramel extract, dark cocoa powder, a few scoops of grass fed collagen from Thrive Market, spinach (a few cups just packed in, don’t worry you won’t taste it!), copious amount of KAL stevia, a pinch of salt and about 16 ice cubes.  Blend on the blendtec with the milkshake button.

Pour into a HUGE wine glass, garnish with coconut flakes and drizzle with some melted or fractionated coconut oil mixed with dark cocoa powder if you want to be super fancy!

Oh my gosh y’all….I can’t even tell you how good it is!


So head on over to Olive Nation, Thrive Market and if you don’t have a Blendtec yet, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of ways to make food more healthy, don’t forget to sign up for the FREE FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT and you can listen to great speakers tell you what else you SHOULD (haha) be eating for optimum health and wellness.

*I typed “haha” above because the only way I’ve had a chance to listen, is because I have been really sick the past week, which is my second flu in 2 months.

I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but obviously I’m still getting sick a LOT, so I’m at the point where I’m becoming a bit inquisitive.  If you are on this blog, you probably are my kind of people, and you probably like to get solutions to your problems, right? They didn’t call me “Fix IT” in college for no reason, and I bet you are the SAME WAY!  I love that!  People who are problem solvers!  Here’s my little side rant and bit of advice, whatever it’s worth, and please sift my advice just like you do everything else. I’m human, I make mistakes, I am NOT YOU.

#1 Take everything you hear with a grain of salt (other than the Bible, God’s Word) and TRY THINGS FOR YOURSELF.  I’m hoping that I’ve been so sick because of my kids being exposed to more germs than they were used to, but I’m at the point where I’m thinking I might be missing something crucial, or eating too much broccoli (yeah I eat a LOT OF BROCCOLI).

#2 If something “healthy” is NOT working for you – TRY SOMETHING ELSE.  We are each uniquely created with individual DNA that reacts or doesn’t react to different stimuluses.  Some of us can’t handle sugar.  Some of us can.  Some of us can’t handle wheat. Some of us can.  Some of us can only take dairy in small amounts, some of us thrive on it.  Some people feel a release of endorphins after exercise and I’ve come to realize that I get really angry – but that is ME, not YOU.

Now, I also want to state that a lot of the speakers at the food summit are obviously NOT coming from a Christian worldview.

That doesn’t mean that everything they say is bogus or that everything they say is true.

You MUST do your OWN RESEARCH.  Don’t believe anyone – not them.  Not Me. Dude I screw up and am wrong about stuff like EVERY DAY.  Go SEE FOR YOURSELF.  Try things out.  Try to eat more natural whole foods.