DIY Quick & Easy No-Sew Curtains & Wall Decor

Need a quick spring and summer update to your decor but don’t have extra cash, time or sewing skills?  After I posted Over 100 Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget, many of you were asking for more DIY budget projects that you can do QUICKLY and EASILY.

This quick and easy no sew curtains and wall decor tutorial can be done with your choice of fabric, an old canvas wrapped frame (or pizza box), jute, scissors and a glue gun and takes about 10 minutes.

Here is what you’ll need for the curtains:

  • Fabric of your choice.  Some examples would be a shower curtain, tablecloth, sheet, extra fabric, or an unused long curtain panel.  I used a shower curtain.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Garden jute or twine or ribbons
  • Tape Measure

Step 1: Measure the width and length of windows.  My shower curtain was only big enough to make the exact length curtains for my windows.  If you want some “slack”, multiply the width by at least 1.5.


Shower curtain from Target that I got at a thrift store

Step 2: Add 2 inches to the width and 1 inch to the length (to allow for the hem).

Step 3: Cut out your panels.


Doesn’t need to be straight, I used old dull scissors – this doesn’t matter!

Step 4: Take your glue gun and just squeeze a continual line of glue about 1/2 inch away from each cut edge, then fold over the cut edge.  Do on each panel.  You will now have hemmed curtains.



Step 5: If you are using a shower curtain, tie small pieces of jute loops around the shower curtain ring holes, allowing enough room for your curtain rod.  My loops were about 1.5 inches long when pulled taut.  If you are using fabric with no holes to make the curtain rod ties, you can either use a hole punch every 6 inches along the top, OR cut little slits with your scissors.

Step 6: Hang curtains and enjoy!


OK, now if you have leftover fabric, you can easily make a coordinating art work piece or wall decor using a canvas wrapped frame, old picture or even a PIZZA BOX!

Here is what you’ll need for the wall decor:

  • Frame, pizza box, old picture, cereal box, or anything else that can easily be wrapped with fabric.
  • Leftover fabric from curtains
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Step 1: Measure the area you want to cover.


Step 2: Cut out your fabric

Step 3: Pull fabric taut as you go around the edges and use a continual line of hot glue.


Step 4: Hang or lean against wall and enjoy!


Total Cost was ZERO dollars because I used items I already had.

What projects have you done that are quick and easy and use materials you have on hand?  I’d love some more ideas!