Hey, friends!

I just wanted to say thank you for your support in 2015. What a year it was! Thanks to your feedback, I’m re-branding and re-focusing Making It Pay To Stay for 2016. Most of you really want to know how to work from home, make more money while having a flexible schedule and call the shots yourself. I’m right there with you! This past year has been one filled with opportunity and I can’t wait to start helping you to achieve your goals. Be on the lookout for lots of actionable ways you can bring in more income doing WHAT you love, for WHO you love, and from WHERE you want! I’d love it if you’d take a moment and write me a note (or comment below this post) on what you’d like to read about and what obstacles are in your way when it comes to working from home.

Also, I put together this list of things you can do RIGHT NOW to kiss 2015 goodbye and make 2016 your best year ever:

1. Pick your #oneword for the new year.

Who is someone you admire? What qualities do they possess that make them admirable? Is it determination? Kindness? Optimism? Are they carefree, curious, passionate, tough, inspiring? What do you want to be like? Pick one word, WRITE IT DOWN and put it on your fridge or mirror or laptop. Look at it every day.

2. Pick a theme verse for the year.

What do you really need to meditate on and change about yourself? A quick google search on “verses about fill in the blank here” will help. Now, write it down, put a tune to it and say it every day, i.e. meditate on it day and night.

3. Pray.

Pray that the Lord would forgive you for things you may not even realize you’re having issues with and the ones that are obvious. Pray that he would bless your new year and show you His will for your life as you move forward.

4. Write down one goal for these 7 areas of your life:

Spiritual Life
Family Relationships
Financial Picture
Social Life
Mental Health

Now, go back over those goals and make sure they are specific, measurable and have a deadline and/or schedule. For example, for family relationships, you could write down: More time with kids. That’s not a good goal, a good goal would be “I will set aside 2 hours, every week on Wednesday evenings to play board games with my husband and children.

5. GIVE!

There are several hours left in 2015 and so many charities and ministries that would covet your donations. Find one to support and RIGHT NOW, go bless someone else with what you’ve been blessed with.

I hope these tips will get your new year off to a great start, and I pray your family has a very blessed 2016!