Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is in full swing.  Whether you work from home, are a freelancer, or know someone who is, a tech tool gift will be well used and appreciated.  One of my favorite places to discover the latest gift ideas for pretty much anyone on my list is The Grommet.

Here are some of the best gifts for freelancers and people who work from home:

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Dacuda PocketScan Wireless Scanner

Working from home doesn’t mean we’re always sitting at our home office.  Often, you can find freelancers at coffee shops, in a park, or even at the beach! If you know someone who works from various places, this gift idea will compliment their wanderlust lifestyle.  With this Swipe hand-held scanner, they can have the power of a desktop scanner in their pocket! Simply scan over any text or image, and it sends a high-res image to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Kids’ artwork, documents, recipes, or just a part of a page—all look much clearer than a pic from your phone, thanks to built-in illumination. Even artwork, large books, and other images that aren’t completely flat get scanned beautifully.



iSkelter Ventilated Lap Desks

Technology has made us more mobile than ever, yet working on a laptop is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. That’s where iSkelter comes in. They’ve designed multifunctional, visually appealing lap desks that let you work on a laptop almost anywhere.Made of bamboo, iSkelter desks are both functional and portable. The air vents keep your computer—as well as your lap—cool.



Chatlight Video Chat & Selfie Lighting

Selfies and video chat lighting often leave us washed out, overexposed, or dark & dreary. Thankfully, pro photographer Henry Geddes came up with an easy fix. Slide Chatlight onto your laptop, tablet, or phone, and you’ll be seen in a flattering light. Whether you’re Skyping with coworkers, FaceTiming with family, or snapping a selfie, your close-ups will be polished and professional.  This tool is invaluable for virtual workers!

Mountie Side Mount Clip

Do you know a busy virtual assistant?  This is an affordable and time saving gift. See two screens at once, with Mountie. This adjustable side mount clip attaches your tablet or phone to a laptop screen, letting you see both at once. While you’re typing a document or reading, you can also keep an eye on text messages or social media. Or use it for video chatting. Or use it with apps that let you link two screens together, increasing your visual playing field. Mountie’s grips are adjustable to fit most phones.


Pong Research Radiation Reducing Electronics Cases

This gift will be loved by anyone with a cell phone.  You know that smartphone that’s always right within your reach? It emits a certain amount of radiation in order to operate. Studies show that about half of that radiation can be absorbed into your head and body. Instead of waiting around to find out the long-term effects of this type of exposure, the folks at Pong Research have developed the Pong Case—a scientifically proven way to redirect radiation away from you.

These 5 must-have tech tools are just the tip of the iceberg of great gift ideas at The Grommet.  With their helpful Holiday Guide, you can search for the perfect gift according to your recipient’s age, gender, and interests!

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