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Most parents are worried about how to keep kids safe online while still giving them access to email for school and everything else they need email for these days.  With recent news of the hacking issues with Yahoo and Gmail phishing scams, these fears are well founded.  Not to mention the threat posed by people who not only don’t have kids’ best interests in mind but seek to cause them harm.  With so many variables to consider, how do parents keep kids safe while giving them freedom to communicate with email?  I’m excited to share with you an email for kids that goes above and beyond standard parental controls. It’s called, and I’m going to break down the features and benefits for you in this review. Our family received a free one-year Subscription to KidsEmail to test out in exchange for a review.

Our daughters have been using Gmail for quite some time, but I wasn’t too thrilled about some of the ads that pop up above their inbox messages.  The only control I had was having messages forwarded to my personal email account to see what they were receiving. That’s kind of a pain, plus I only see things after they may have read the messages.  I thought there had to be a better way of filtering messages before they hit their inbox.  That’s where comes in.

With KidsEmail, you have every resource at your fingertips to help keep your kids safe when using email.  They’ve been around for 8 years, so they know what parents want and what kids need.

Some of the great features offers are:

  • The ability to block specific email addresses
  • Comprehensive email monitoring
  • GPS Tracker
  • Spam Filtering
  • The Mail Queue
  • Time restrictions
  • No Ads
  • Activity Log
  • …and more!

Another cool feature is customization.  Your Kids can make their account match their personality with themes and colorful backgrounds:

Plus, your kids can choose their own email address –Select something non-identifying in the format or USERNAME The is perfect for older kids that don’t want to have a KidsEmail account.

What Platforms Can KidsEmail be used on?

You can set up KidsEmail accounts on iOS, Android, Kindle, and of course the standard web platform.  Now there’s no excuse to be unprotected on any device!

Our Experience:

Our daughters have old iPhones that they use while connected to WiFi.  They don’t have cellular service, but they do have the ability to email from them.  We also have Macs in our home and can access their email accounts from their computers at home just like any other email service.

I think their favorite part of KidsEmail is getting to customize the look of their inbox.  My favorite part are the safety features and low pricing!

There are really no drawbacks with The parental controls go above and beyond, and the interface is easy to use and fun.

And now for the big GIVEAWAY….

The folks at KidsEmail were extremely generous by offering to give readers of Making It Pay To Stay 3 one-year subscriptions to KidsEmail!

All you have to do is enter below.  Comment with your favorite feature and share with friends for extra entries.

3 Winners will be announced on March 28, 2017. One-Year Subscription Giveaway – 3 Winners



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