Times Alive consists of online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way.

This review will give you a glimpse into how easy (and quickly) my daughter memorized her times tables with this engaging online program.

Teaching times tables doesn’t need to consist of endless worksheets and flashcards. In fact, if you’ve tried that approach, you probably know this only serves as a catalyst to making your kids hate math.  You’ve got make sure your children learn their multiplication facts thoroughly and quickly, without pushing them away.  Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect solution to combatting the boredom of times tables.  It’s called Times Alive by Times Tables The Fun Way.  What’s funny is that we’ve had the book that goes along with this program (“Times Tables the Fun Way” – originally written in 1992) and it was one my daughter picked up now and again but hadn’t been to the point of needing it just yet.  When I had the opportunity to review this program, I jumped at the chance and boy am I glad I did.  My 8-year-old now has a firm grasp on her times tables and it took a whopping 2 weeks (probably 10 minutes a day) and she’s been hooked ever since.
Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
Times Alive promises to:

Increase retention up to 95% with their interactive method – we’ve found this to be true.
Eliminate boring repetitive drills once and for all – for sure!
Bring success to students with learning disabilities – something most schools can’t claim!

What is Times Alive? This online game features animated stories, music, interactive lessons, quizzes, and even coloring!  It’s based on the book Times Tables the Fun Way, which as I said, we owned and though never “formally” used in our curriculum, was a resource our children were drawn to. Your students will learn the zeros through nines times tables by watching interactive videos, listening to catchy tunes, and answering questions. I couldn’t believe how quickly my 8-year old learned her times tables.

So, You May Be Wondering, How Does It Work?

The folks at City Creek Press have made stories that go along with each number’s times table and from that story, a song & video is available. A narrator tells the story while the video is playing. When the story is over, the student is given the problem again, and then they are asked to fill in the blank, which reinforces the fact they learned. Quizzes at the end of each section test their retention. Your child can always go back or skip ahead as needed. *Please note that keep track of progress, you must be logged in on the same computer, in the same browser, and make sure your browser doesn’t delete the cookies when signing out.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
Below is an interview I did with my 8-year-old to give you a feel for how she benefitted from Times Alive *She’s a little bit nervous about this “interview” since it’s her first time, but I think she did a great job!

Times Alive Times Tables The Fun Way

Check out more Times Tables The Fun Ways Videos here.

Now What?: Get this! We loved the stories because they’re catchy and will help kids remember their facts. This would be a good supplement to your normal math curriculum. It doesn’t discuss what multiplication is, it just reiterates the facts they need to know. My daughter loves to learn through games, and each student learns differently. This resource will be effective for students that are visual and auditory learners.  Visit City Creek Press‘ website, and you can buy the Times Alive Online Lessons.  


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Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

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