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Making it pay to stay means whether you’re a stay at home parent or staying at fabulous destinations across the globe, you’re working remotely and “making it pay”. We love helping other remote workers across the globe find side hustles, new business ideas, and productivity hacks to support their freedom-loving lifestyle.

You’ll find articles, tips, tools, inspiration, and even money-saving secrets of successful digital nomads and work from home freelancers and entrepreneurs.  It’s all about making it pay to stay wherever your heart desires and making more money than you would with most 9-5 jobs.

We can help you find more time to live your dream life


free up your time


We all have 24 hours a day to work with. When do you feel most productive? Are you spending time on useless tasks? We’ll provide the tricks of the trade to accomplish much more in less time.

Tools of the trade


What tools, methods, software, and hacks do successful remote workers rave about? We’ll show you how to make more money, save effortlessly, and exploit the benefits of the myriad of tools available that you’ve probably never heard of.

Information on the go


Can you really work with nothing but a laptop & phone? You bet! Making it Pay to Stay will be your on-the-go companion with new business ideas, the latest tech advances for remote workers, and side hustles that are fun and profitable.



Work smarter, not harder.


Our Making It Pay Lifestyle Facebook Group is not only full of expert remote workers ready to help each other, it’s tons of fun!



Learn how to focus on what matters and how outsourcing is a great investment.


Get more out of life by creating your ideal business, schedule, and environment.


Travel the world

When you work remotely, you can work from anywhere.


Actionable Content

Find tips on productivity, brainstorming, making more money, saving money, and how to create a life you love. 

Hi, my name is Sherri and I’m a digital entrepreneur

Creative, efficient, productive, and full of ideas for fueling your entrepreneurial spirit.



Digital Entrepreneur

I’m an entrepreneur, podcaster (and producer), blogger, wife, and mom. Knowing how frustrating it can be to be productive and effective with 24 hours to work with, I set out to help other aspiring or established business owners succeed in any environment and tailor their lifestyle to give them freedom.



One-on-One coaching calls when you need help.
  • Brainstorming which niche is best for you
  • Helping you overcome a negative mindset
  • Determining your best working style
  • Assessing your lifestyle for improved productivity
  • Creating a plan
  • Putting your plan into action with accountability


up to 20 hrs per month
  • Everything included in the pay by hour and 20 hr prepay packages
  • Unlimited access to coaching, project management, and virtual assistant services during normal business hours
  • Save $100 over the 20 hr prepay – same hours, but must be used within one month
  • For people who are ready to go FAST with getting their business off the ground
  • All of our special reports on working from home included for FREE

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Best Tips for Remote Workers

“Making it Pay to Stay is revolutionizing the way I think about my business and lifestyle, so do yourself a favor and join the community so you can go and live an adventurous life while your business grows with less effort.”

Making it Pay to Stay is awesome

“These are the best tips for people who want to be able to work from home or anywhere for that matter. I’ve started several side hustles already and building my virtual coaching business while being at home with my 3 children.”

I'm loving the reports

“I’ve purchased all of the reports (at those prices, how can you not) and have learned so much!  My productivity is soaring and I’ve been able to take 3 vacations this year with 5 planned for next year. I’m finally able to have some breathing room in my business and realize I can live life on my terms and make way more than in my 9-5 job. No regrets!”

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What are the best tools for remote workers?
So glad you asked! Check out our Resources page for our favorites.
Should I start my own business or work remotely as an employee?
We’re all for being your own boss on your own terms, but some people aren’t cut out for that.  If you don’t like to take risks, or aren’t sure you’d be comfortable with shouldering the responsibilities, this post is for you.
What does it take to be an entrepreneur?
Personality and work-ethic have a lot to do with being unstoppable, but that’s not all. Discover the 15 traits of successful entrepreneurs.
How is it possible to work less and make more money?
Well, we’ve got 100 ways to gain more time and make more money just waiting for you to read!
What's a side-hustle and why should I care?
Side hustling is all about making things happen by constantly going after opportunities to SOLVE PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS with integrity.  It’s not hustling in the sense that you’re swindling, in fact, quite the opposite. Read this for why you should find a side hustle ASAP.
I have a blog. How can I start monetizing it?
There are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to make money from a blog. If you’re just a beginner, you’ll find THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ADVERTISING ON YOUR BLOG a helpful place to start.

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