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There are many different store bought items you can make at home, but you must have the right tools for the job. I recently invested in a Blendtec after years of wasting my money on lower quality blenders. In the past 5 years, I’ve blown the motors and/or broke the pitchers on 3 immersion blenders, 3 Ninja Blenders, 2 Magic Bullets (these were off brands) and a standard Kitchen Aid Blender, and 2 food processors.

This amounts to about $700 worth (at least) of appliances down the drain.  I got sick and tired of replacing something every 6 months or so because it couldn’t hold up to daily ice crushing and fruit grinding.  It finally occurred to me that I could have had 2 Blendtecs (each with 8-year warranties) with money left over! UGH!

It was time to bite the bullet and buy a Blendtec.  Thankfully I got a GREAT deal right around Black Friday and I’ve been THRILLED with it ever since.  I can’t believe the power and the options available and how much money I am saving with this.

There are thousands of Blendtec recipes out there, but I want to show you 10 ways you can use the Blendtec to create typically store-bought items.  You can buy the raw ingredients in bulk at Sam’s Club or similar place and then make large batches with the Blendtec.  You will save time (no more last-minute trips to the store for peanut butter) and money!  Not only that, the homemade versions give you control over what you put in your products, so you can skip the hydrogenated oils in favor of healthy omega-3 oils and pass on the high fructose corn syrup and use some stevia or honey instead.

*All recipes were tried, perfected and taken from Blendtec.com

10 Store Bought Items You Can Make At Home

1. Nut Butters

Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, Peanut Butter and more…

With the Twister jar, only seconds are needed to transform whole nuts into smooth and creamy nut butter.


112   cups of the nut of your choice. 

(Amazon has 10# of RAW almonds for $59.90 which includes 2-day shipping!)


Add nuts to Twister jar, and place the lid on jar. Hold lid with one hand, and with other hand press “Speed Up” to Speed 7. Turn lid counterclockwise during blending. Run for 50 seconds. Add salt to taste.

2. Hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

A twist on traditional hummus dip or spread with a mild red pepper taste and a slight kick of garlic and spice.


2   tbsp olive oil – I recommend  5 liters of this REALLY GREAT olive oil for $53.64 with Subscribe & Save at Amazon.

2   tbsp fresh lemon juice

2   tbsp tahini

1   clove garlic, quartered

1   (15 oz) can garbanzo beans, drained and 3-4 tbsp liquid reserved

1   cup roasted red peppers

12   tsp kosher salt

12   tsp ground cumin

18   tsp cayenne pepper


Add ingredients, including the reserved garbanzo bean liquid, to Twister jar in order listed and place Twister lid on jar. Hold Twister lid and with other hand select “Dips” or blend on Medium-Low (speed 3 or 4) for 30 seconds. Turn the Twister lid counterclockwise during blending.

Check out Blentec.com for more hummus variations!


3. Soup

Why buy Campbells processed tomato soup (which is filled with garbage) when you can make

Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup

This updated version of traditional tomato soup gets its creamy texture from cooked beans, rather than high-fat, high-calorie dairy products.


1   qt warm water, divided

2   cups sprouted soy or white beans – navy beans work too!

1   large onion, quartered

1   tbsp chicken or vegetable bouillon

2   cups tomato sauce

18   tsp dried basil


Cook beans and onion in 1 quart boiling water for 15–20 minutes. Allow to cool.

Add beans, onion, and 1 cup of cooking water to FourSide or WildSide jar. Secure lid and select “Soup.” Add remaining cooking water, bouillon, tomato sauce, and basil to jar. Secure lid and press “Pulse” 2–4 times to incorporate ingredients.

4.Almond/Cashew milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is great for cereals, desserts, and savory-sweet dishes. Almonds are an alkaline nut, and one serving provides ⅓ of your daily dose of vitamin E.


4   cups water

1   cup almonds, soaked overnight and rinsed – save by buying Bulk Raw Almonds from Amazon

2   tbsp agave nectar – you can skip this, I always do.

1   tsp vanilla extract, or vanilla seeds scraped from bean – you can skip this!

18   tsp kosher salt – doesn’t need to be kosher.


Add water and soaked almonds to jar in order listed and secure lid. Select “Whole Juice.” Strain milk through nut milk bag or cheesecloth to remove almond skins and pulp.*

Rinse blender jar, place strained almond milk back in jar with remaining ingredients and secure lid. Press “Pulse” 3–5 times to combine thoroughly. Serve or store in refrigerator for up to 3 days.

*Nutritional information will vary based on how much almond pulp is removed from milk.


5. Ice cream/Milkshakes and other desserts

Quick Strawberry Ice Cream

This recipe is so easy to make, you can whip up a cold, creamy celebration any day of the week.


1   cup half-and-half – can use 1/2 cup heavy cream with 1/2 cup water, OR almond milk (see above)

13   cup sweetened condensed milk – Use almond milk and a 1/4 teaspoon of guar or xanthan gum or arrowroot powder to thicken as a substitute.

1   tbsp fresh lemon juice – or from a bottle.

112   tbsp granulated sugar – I prefer stevia, in fact, I buy PURE Kal Stevia Extract Powder – 2 jars at a time to keep costs down.

16   oz  frozen strawberries, approximately 3 cups


Add ingredients to jar in order listed. Secure lid and select “Ice Cream” or blend on Low (speed 1 or 2) for 15 seconds, then blend on Medium-High (speed 6 or 7) for 30 seconds. If ice cream is not as smooth as desired, stir contents of jar, secure lid, and press “Pulse” for 3–5 seconds or until smooth.


6. Dips/Sauces/Spreads

Creamy Spinach Dip

For a savory snack that will help you add more veggies to your diet, give this dip a try.


2   tsp olive oil

1   clove garlic, roughly chopped – or pre-minced

4   c spinach, lightly packed

12   tsp crushed red pepper

1   c low-fat cottage cheese

4   oz Cream cheese

14   c Parmesan cheese


Heat oil in sauté pan and add garlic, spinach, and red pepper flakes. Cook until spinach is wilted; set aside.

Add cottage cheese and cream cheese to FourSide jar. Secure lid and select “Dips.” Add Parmesan cheese and sautéed ingredients to jar. Secure lid and press “Pulse” 4–6 times or until ingredients are incorporated; do not over blend.

Serve or refrigerate until ready to use.


7. Dressings/Syrups/Marinades

Creamy Pesto Sauce

Serve this raw creamy pesto sauce with thin zucchini noodles.  To make the BEST zucchini noodles, try this!

– Reserve a little avocado for garnish.


14   c cold-pressed olive oil

3   tbsp water

14   tsp sea salt

1   clove garlic, quartered

1   c basil leaves, lightly packed

1  avocado, peeled and pitted

12   c pine nuts (these can be hard to find in stores and are expensive, you can buy them HERE or, you can use any nuts you have on hand, but pine nuts are the traditionally used nut for pesto.


Add ingredients to FourSide jar in order listed and secure lid. Select “Sauces” and serve immediately.

8. Batters/Bread Dough

Cocoa Crepes

For a twist on Blendtec Crêpes, try these delicious cocoa ones with your favorite toppings.


114   cups milk

2   large eggs

1   tbsp butter, melted

34   cup all-purpose flour

14   cup powdered sugar

3   tbsp cocoa powder -I like to use Amazon’s subscribe and save for only $3.00 a can of this, since the darker the cocoa, the healthier it is for you! Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)

18   tsp kosher or sea salt


Add ingredients to jar in order listed. Secure lid and select “Batter” or blend on Medium-Low (speed 3 or 4) for 30 seconds. Allow batter to rest for up to 1 hour in refrigerator.

Heat skillet or crêpe pan over low-medium heat, and lightly coat with oil or cooking spray. For each crêpe, pour approximately ¼ cup batter onto center of pan and swirl pan gently to distribute batter in thin layer. Cook for 1 minute or until top begins to dry out. Flip and cook 30 seconds or until done. Repeat with remaining batter.

Stack completed crêpes on plate, placing wax paper between each crêpe to prevent sticking. Add fillings and/or toppings, if desired.

9. Beverages

Orange Julicious

A timeless, frothy, and creamy classic with fresh citrus taste and the added nutrition of yellow crookneck squash.


1   c low-fat milk

2   medium oranges, peeled

1   small yellow squash, approximately 1 c

112   c ice cubes

6   oz frozen orange juice concentrate

2   tbsp honey – or a bit of stevia

1   tsp

vanilla extract


Add ingredients to WildSide jar in order listed. Secure lid and select “Whole Juice.”

10. Baby Food

Steamed Peas Baby Food

Make perfectly smooth baby food using steamed vegetables your baby is sure to enjoy.


2   c frozen or fresh peas, steamed

12   c breast milk, prepared formula, or water


Add ingredients to Twister jar, and place lid on jar. Hold Twister lid with one hand, and with other hand, press “Speed Up” to Speed 3. Turn Twister lid counterclockwise during blending. Run for 20 seconds or until mixture is smooth.

Yields 1½ cups


There are more ways to save money with a Blendtec, so why not buy one today and see how much YOU can simplify and save?

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