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If you pair a shopping trip at Aldi with some of my favorite cashback tips (such as cash back credit cards) you’ll be saving a TON of money compared to traditional supermarkets. There are probably many more, but read on for 110 reasons why Aldi will improve your life.  

I LOVE Aldi.  I could be a brand ambassador for them, I recommend them to everyone I know and they have been a HUGE game changer for me in how much money I spend on food each month.  I have not been paid for this post, I just hope you will check them out if you haven’t already.

From tips to recipes for every kind of cooking style and diet, this post compiles all of my favorite Aldi posts from across the web.

1. Aldi has a limited selection, so you are not overwhelmed with trying to decide what to buy.  That saves time and stress.

2. You don’t need to compare prices. Relax and know you are getting a great deal!

3. You don’t need to clip coupons. YEAH!  Major time saver!

4. You can take advantage of money-saving apps like Checkout 51, Snap by Groupon, Receipt Hog, Dosh and Fetch Rewards to get cash back on items you buy at Aldi.

5. Last week I swung by Aldi to pick up my typical groceries and they had Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef marked down to $1.99 a pound!  It’s usually 6.99/lb, but it was going to expire in two days, so I froze it.  They only had 10 lbs left so I bought it all and saved $50!

6. Every once in awhile the manager will mark down items that are close to expiration, so keep an eye out for those great deals and stock up. (Like my $1.99/lb grass fed organic ground beef find! I’ve also picked up loaves of bread for under 50 cents each, guacamole for under a buck and bananas for 11 cents a pound!)

7-13. You have a selection of foods for specific diets.  Can’t tolerate gluten? Check out A Humbled Homemaker’s post on 7 Gluten Free Dinners from Aldi.    I have a few gluten-free, paleo-ish recipes as well including a Shamrock Shake KnockOff & Healing Radish Bisque.

14-33. Like to cook meals all at once and freeze for later? Here’s a great post from Money Saving Mom on how to make 20 freezer meals at Aldi for $150  (That comes out to $7.50 per FAMILY MEAL)

34-43. Can’t live without your crockpot?  Head on over to I Am That Lady for 20 slow cooker meals for under $150 (That comes out to $7.50 per FAMILY MEAL)

44-73. I Am That Lady sums up the magic of Aldi again with her post 30 must buy items at Aldi!

74-95. Mom’s Confession compiled a list of fantastic recipes on a budget with her post Weekly Meal Plan: 21 meals under $100 (That comes out to $4.76 per FAMILY MEAL)

96-108. Don’t have much time to prep and prepare? Graceful Little Honey Bee has a quick fix!  Her 12 easy freezer meals in 2 hours post feature products from Aldi that will save you TIME and MONEY!

109. If you need to throw a party but have a tight budget, Cleverly Simple’s Menu for Entertaining 10 people for under $100 is just what you need, so go check it out!

110. Still confused on what to buy and what to skip when shopping at Aldi?  Print out A Thrifty Mrs. handy-dandy reference list on What to buy in Aldi (and what not to buy)  and take it with you until you are familiar with their products.

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How about you? Do you shop at Aldi?  If so, what is YOUR reason?  If not, what’s holding you back?  Let me know in the comment section below!