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As an entrepreneur, you’ll always be looking for new ways to market your business. You’ll likely have utilized digital marketing to create a user-friendly website and worked on driving and analyzing your SEO. You might have worked on your online presence via your socials or created some valuable content to best represent your brand image. There comes a point whereby, we all, can fill a little bit zapped for ideas and creativity in terms of marketing strategy. If that sounds like you, here come some ideas that you might not have tried yet. 


 Trade shows 


Trade shows were a trusted marketing tool well before the digital marketing age and, even amongst it, they offer an excellent range of marketing benefits that you sure won’t want to miss out on! For one, trade shows are often attended by members of the media so you can land yourself some excellent coverage and attention here. In addition to this, trade shows are a fantastic way that you can connect to your audience in person, depending on your type of business; sometimes these chances are rare. Consumers and stakeholders love the opportunity to put names to faces properly, plus see your company and all your fabulous brand storytelling in action! 


The best thing to do at a trade show is to create a visually stunning booth that attracts your audience. Infinity Exhibits offer a great range of modern trade show displays which can be designed or selected to reflect your image. 


Collaborate with other companies 


 Collaboration with other companies can serve as a great marketing practice because it can end up increasing exposure for both companies, across your different target audiences. You may find that your expertise can complement the partner business and vice versa. There are many different ways that you can collaborate, for example, via cross-promotions or special offers.  This is a particularly important practice for startups as they need to work with a collaborative mindset from the very beginning, and any startup newsletter highlights just what it takes to work with other companies. However, you need to conduct some due diligence at the outset. You’ll want to do some research first to ensure that you are dealing with a business that also shares your ethics and values. You won’t want to risk driving away your consumers by partnering in a way that’s to their disliking. 




Webinars, or web conferences, are seminars or presentations that occur online and let people participate from different locations. The audience can see and hear the presenter and engage by asking them questions in real-time. If you hold webinars, you are allowing yourself a huge opportunity to connect with people on a human and personal level. You are ensuring that you represent yourself as credible because your audience has the opportunity to put whatever questions to you that they like- completely live. Any promotions that you have can be communicated in your webinars, and they also are an excellent way to supercharge your branding and reputation. 


Navigating the marketing world can sometimes be challenging, with so much to consider and new trends emerging all the time. The best thing that you can do is to think about your target audience and consider which platforms will gain the best reach and response.