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The life of an entrepreneur can, famously, be pretty great.


If everything goes well, you can end up making your fortune. What’s more, you no longer have to answer to a boss or to turn up to the office at hours that you don’t even appreciate being awake at.


Then again, the life of an entrepreneur can also be pretty tough. Once the initial burst of motivation and enthusiasm has passed, and you find yourself having to grind hard to make anything happen, it’s not too hard to end up feeling disillusioned.


Fortunately, there are very good reasons to stay upbeat while working on your own business.


Here are a few facts to keep you optimistic as an entrepreneur.



There are a virtually unlimited number of different paths and avenues to explore in your entrepreneurial life



Here’s one of the great things about being an entrepreneur: just because you started out on one path, doesn’t mean that you have to stay in that particular niche, throughout the entirety of your entrepreneurial life.


In fact, there are a virtually unlimited number of different paths and avenues to explore as an entrepreneur, ranging from trading binary options, producing consumer products, offering web services, and much more besides.


In other words, even if a particular field or domain isn’t working out for you exactly as you would have liked, you can still do something to reinvent yourself at the drop of a hat. Just as long as your reputation is intact.



The more experience you gain in different areas, the greater your “range” becomes and the likelier you are to succeed



The book, “Range,” by David Epstein, makes a fascinating and compelling argument that flies in the face of a lot of conventional wisdom about success.


Specifically, the book makes the point that the more experience you have in your life, the more skill sets you accumulate, and the more perspectives you digest, the greater your chances of success.


What that means is that even if you aren’t a highly-specialized expert in a very particular niche area of business, and even if you’ve failed at a particular endeavor, every experience and set of skills you’ve accumulated will go to increase your “range,” and will, therefore, make you more likely to succeed down the line.


In other words, the more you do, the better you get.



Even the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs have dealt with failure



It always feels terrible to fail at an entrepreneurial venture that you have poured your blood sweat and tears into. But, before you allow yourself to feel like a hopeless failure, consider the fact that even the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs out there have dealt with failure – and often a lot of it.


Richard Branson, for example, reportedly has more than a dozen failed business ventures to his name.


The thing is; being an entrepreneur is bigger than any one business, or business idea. It’s about your ability to keep rising, redefining yourself, and going back to the drawing board.