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When you start your own business, getting the word out about your fantastic new enterprise can be a struggle. Human beings are creatures of habit, and we often decide to stick with the businesses and services we know and love, rather than try something new. If you have a fantastic product, there’s not much point if nobody knows about it!


That is why many companies outsource their marketing and advertising campaigns. This is an expensive but effective endeavor – professional marketers and advertisers do the work for you, and boost your business further and further. However, for a growing small business, this might be above what you can afford. If outsourcing isn’t for you, here’s how to boost your small business’ profile. 

Cost-Effective Advertising. 

This involves some thinking outside the box. Paying an advertising company is an expensive option, and there are great ways you can advertise on your own terms. This happens by keeping things somewhat old fashioned. 


Consider advertising yourself on radio stations such as Sirius XM, helping you reach your next customer on their commute to work or at home! Other ways you can cost-effectively advertise is by using posters, bumper stickers, and other physical ways to get your brand name rolling off the tips of people’s tongues!

Social Media Smarts

Social media is a free tool, and just about the easiest way for a small business to become known. Using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can create professional profiles for your business that advertise it completely free to all your followers. If you have the budget, you can boost your profile using sponsored ads, which reach beyond your follower base. 


But even if that’s not an option for you, using social media is more than posting a bunch of information onto a profile. Consider taking a course in social media techniques, which include the time of day it’s most beneficial to post at, your layout, and overall design. This way, your free advertising tool can create growth and traffic to your site without spending much money at all!

Word Of Mouth

There is no doubt that the power of word of mouth is incredible. Often, word of mouth is an underestimated way of establishing your status as a new business. Using word of mouth is all about your initial customer base. Once you establish a few loyal customers who trust you and your brand, you can begin to build a network of customers based on recommendations and word of mouth. Particularly if your initial customer base is made up of trustworthy characters who will spread the word for you, this is immensely effective and, the best part, completely free!


Gaining this initial customer base takes work and patience. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy platform takes time – people always expect the worse when dealing with small businesses. That means you have a chance to prove them wrong! Once you’ve grasped your small but loyal audience, you can build outwards, by becoming a trustworthy, reliable source of help for all customers who come your way.