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For any entrepreneur who wants to ensure that their business is able to achieve the greatest degree of success, it’s vitally important to pay proper attention to good marketing fundamentals, and to investigate effective ways of making an impression on prospective customers.

While all businesses sell either products or services with a (usually) pretty clear purpose, those products and services aren’t all that the business is really “selling.” Just as important — if not more so — are the overall narratives, branding, and even lifestyle elements associated with the business.

So, how do you set about making more of an impression with your business? Here are a few tips to consider.

Look for regular opportunities to establish an in-person presence

As much as we live in the digital age, and more and more of our professional and personal lives are mediated through the internet, there is still something very powerful and significant about face-to-face interactions that can never be replaced.

In fact, if anything, an in-person presence may be even more significant and striking today than it ever was before, particularly as so many of the norms of the professional landscape have shifted.

The best situation for most businesses to be in, will be to look for ways to properly leverage both modern and digital solutions that help to streamline aspects of the business, and of networking and marketing, and also an in-person presence that contains more of the “human element.”

A digital business card is just one way of combining these two domains effectively.

In either event, look for regular opportunities to be present at trade fairs, networking events, and so on.

Dare to be bold and to let your personality show (but keep it positive)

One of the most effective and reliable ways of making a good impression with your business, is to simply look for opportunities to be genuine, and to express your own authentic personality through your branding and marketing materials.

Of course, it’s important to set some reasonable parameters here — in particular to keep things positive instead of emphasising or expressing aspects of your personality that may be more critical.

In either event, though, customers today are more and more attentive to signs of genuine authenticity, and are increasingly looking for businesses that don’t seem to just be doing things “by the numbers.”

Opt to include relatively uncommon marketing methods and channels

Generally speaking, the more you market through channels that are relatively uncommon, or untapped, the better the odds are that you will grab people’s attention and make a memorable impact.

Interestingly, the changing face of the professional landscape — and the changing nature of modern communications in general — means that one way of grabbing more attention via your marketing may be to simply utilise channels that were once highly saturated, but which today are much less so. For example, direct mail.

By sending out stylish brochures, letters of introduction, and so on, you may end up grabbing significantly more attention.