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Waking up in the morning, there will be some business tasks that you look forward to.


You might enjoy talking to your customers, for example, and you might get a buzz from any activity that gives you the opportunity to use your skillset.


But then there will be those tasks that you consider a chore. Rather than hop, skip, and jump out of your bed in the morning with an eagerness to get to work, you might pull the duvet over your head in an attempt to remove yourself from them. We are thinking of those tasks that are time-consuming and (dare we say it) boring, such as anything to do with your accounts and areas of administration. Forgive us if these tasks bring you nothing but joy!


To ensure your business succeeds, you can’t procrastinate over those tasks that you consider a chore. They need to get done somehow. However, there are ways you can deal with them, and by adhering to the following suggestions, you might make your life a little easier.


#1: Put them at the top of your to-do list


The sooner you get through your most tiresome tasks, the sooner you can get on with the fun stuff. So, for any chore that could be considered a priority, focus on them at the start of the week. You will feel mentally better when they have been completed, as you won’t then have them lingering in the back of your mind when you’re going through your day. You will then see a boost in your productivity when your morale is up, and you will be able to end your day feeling positive.


#2: Outsource them


Why take on the boring tasks at all when you can outsource them to others? Especially when it comes to those jobs that you aren’t particularly adept at or that don’t pertain to your main business goals, then get rid of them. Hate doing your accounts? Hire an accountant. Despise those tasks relating to staff payroll? Consider payroll outsourcing. Can’t be bothered to write your business blog? Find a freelance writer. There are all kinds of tasks that you can outsource, so list those jobs that burden your day, and find somebody else to do them.


#3: Download an app


There will be some tasks that you have to get on with yourself, but rather than suffer through manual processes, free up your time by downloading the relevant apps onto your phone to make light work of them. So, if you find invoicing a real pain, download QuickBooks or Wave. If managing your office expenses makes you want to hit the snooze button, make life easier for yourself by downloading Expensify. There are hundreds of other apps that could be downloaded onto your phone, so delete productivity-sapping apps such as Candy Crush and make room for those apps that will streamline your to-do list. 




So, think about those tasks that you least enjoy, and then apply our suggestions to them. Hopefully, you will then feel better about going into work when you wake in the morning, as you should have more time to focus on those tasks that you regularly enjoy.


Let us know what you think, and please feel free to share any of your suggestions with us.