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Driving is a big responsibility, and there are a lot of people out there who are nervous drivers. Whether you’ve always been a nervous driver, or something has prompted a change in your driving confidence, driving can be a source of anxiety. 


But just because you’re a nervous driver now, doesn’t mean you will always be a nervous driver. You can spend time working on your driving to help you improve your confidence and feel more in control on the road.


Here are four steps you can take to become a more confident driver.

1. Take some extra tuition

If you’re not feeling confident on the road, you might benefit from some additional driving sessions with an instructor to help you become a better driver. For a lot of people, Driver’s Ed can feel too short, leaving you feeling ill-prepared for different driving situations. 


Even if you don’t hire an instructor, you could get behind the wheel with a confident driver you trust to help you enhance your skills and feel more at ease when you’re on the road.

2. Choose a car that’s right for you

Sometimes, it’s your car that could be to blame for your confidence issues. A car that’s too big for you to handle might make you feel incapable. Changing your vehicle to something a little more suited to your personality could be a big help. Make sure you give any vehicle you buy a thorough test drive to help you decide if it’s the one for you. You could even consider getting a rental for a while to help you get a better feel of the car. 


It may take some time to save for a new car, but it will be worth it to help you find one you’re happy with.

3. Keep practicing in your neighborhood

Regular practice can help you become a better driver, helping you develop muscle memory and quicker reactions. It can also help you become familiar with different routes, especially in your own neighborhood. Take some time driving around the places you know, and maybe enlist a friend to go with you. Repeating the same journeys over and over will soon have you feeling more at ease with driving, and you can venture to new places once you’re feeling more confident.

4. Be prepared in case of an emergency

You can help yourself feel safer when driving by being prepared in case of an emergency. You can’t predict an accident or a breakdown, but if you have a plan in case something happens, you’ll feel more in control. Start by making sure you’ve got an emergency supply kit in your trunk, as well as some emergency contacts. Having the details of your insurers and car accident lawyers to hand can put your mind at ease. Make sure you have someone you can call if you need to for some help or advice too.


When you’re a nervous driver, getting in the car can be something you dread. But with plenty of practice and a lot of deep breaths, you’ll be able to grow as a driver and soon feel confident when you’re on the road.