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Brand awareness is the driving force that helps your company to keep on reaching new heights. The more buzz that you can create around your branding, the more likely you’ll be to gain loyalty and engagement ongoing. As time passes, we as business owners must keep on revising our marketing strategies. To boost your brand awareness, here are four ideas to get you on the right track.


1. Storytelling 


Where branding is concerned, storytelling is a powerful tool. When your brand has an engaging narrative, you’ll be more likely to appeal to the emotions and values of your target audience. With a great story, you’ll have something unique to offer, which presents your brand as personable. Whatever story you wish to tell, authenticity is the key. Your story could be centered around your rise from humble beginnings? Or, perhaps you’re story is about how the concept for your business came about? Draw upon what is unique about your branding and weave it into your brand story the best that you can.

2. Influencers 


An increasing number of businesses are choosing to use influencer marketers as part of their marketing campaign strategies. The great thing about influencer marketing is that influencers already possess the loyalty that brands are seeking. The right influencer for you will have a loyal following, which includes much of your target audience. When an influencer promotes your products, their followers trust the recommendation and, in time, grow to trust your brand. Influencers know how to create engaging content and how to keep a promotion casual and authentic. The tactic works well as most consumers don’t like pushy advertising strategies.


3. Sponsorship


Sponsoring a small event can be an excellent way to boost your brand awareness with your community and beyond! When you sponsor an event, you’ll ensure that your name will be on plenty of merchandise and flyers, to get you noticed. If you don’t have the budget to sponsor an event, brand merchandise can still be an excellent idea. Your logo and graphics are a direct representation of your image, and so it’s a good idea to make them as visual as possible. Custom Pins, for example, is a great way to represent your company. Lapel pins to present your logo are a smart and sophisticated way to market your company (and look great at the same time)!


4. Cross Promotion 


A cross-promotion with another brand can be an excellent way to reach new audiences and boost your brand awareness. Network a little to find a complementary brand and then team up on a one-off promotion. It could be a discount based promotion or even two products that come as a package? Perhaps a one-time event or collaborative competition on Facebook?


Finally, remember to stay consistent and active across social media. You can use platforms like Hootsuite to help you to manage all of your social accounts in one place. It’s easy to schedule content and respond to followers with an organized platform like this. Buffer is another handy platform option to manage your socials.