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Money is a funny old thing. We seem to spend our whole lives scrambling for whatever we can get, yet never seem to have enough no matter how hard we work or how diligently we try and save. Of course, it doesn’t help that for many, the economy is stacked against us. So, what do you do when you can’t afford to make ends meet? Apply for overtime at work? That might be fine for some, but you may find that the tax man sees more of that extra money than you do. And your employer can only offer overtime when there’s time to spare. Take on a side hustle? This can be a great way to earn money in your free time while also teaching you the skills you need to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. But not everyone has the free time or energy to commit to a side hustle and make it work.

If you’re looking for a little extra pocket money to use as a buffer to keep your household finances harmonious, there are lots of ways in which you can make a little extra money in half an hour or less. Work on these every day and you can find yourself with a tidy sum come month-end…


Use a trading platform


The world of trading has been needlessly mystified by movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s not the ‘80s anymore and traders aren’t just foul-mouthed city boys who start their day by swigging champagne for breakfast. With the right mobile apps, anyone can get into trading Forex, IRESS, Equities and all kinds of other commodities. You don’t even need to put in a large amount of your own money upfront to gain an understanding of how it works and try your hand at day trading in your coffee break.


Take surveys


Yep, people are still making good money every month by working away at surveys in their lunch and coffee break. Marketing companies care what you think about products and brands, and they’re willing to pay you for that information. How much exactly will depend on the kind of survey company/app you use but you can usually make between 50c and $5 USD per survey. Add this up through the month and it can make a difference. 


Sell your personal information


No, not important information like your bank account details or your credit card number, just little things like what products you’re looking at on Amazon and what websites you’re visiting. Your ISP is logging all this information anyway, so why not make some money from it? ShopTracker will pay you to track how much you’re buying on Amazon, and SurveySavvy will pay you $5 a month to keep track of your online browsing.


Monetize your car


No, we’re not talking about becoming an Uber driver. We’re talking about using your car as potential advertising space for brands. Companies like FreeCarMedia pay drivers up to $400 a month to put stickers containing the company logos of their partners on vehicles. So long as you don’t mind the stares it can be a great little earner!