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Your customers are the pinnacle of your business strategy. If you can’t get them on board, you have no chance of surviving another business year. They are the ones you need to convince about your quality and performance. However, more often than not, customers find that their complaints are met with resistance. Companies are unwilling to change and adjust to the needs of their audience. If you’re going to build a profitable and robust business, you need to listen to what they have to say. 

I can’t pay online

Does it need saying? Customers are digitally-savvy. They tend to complete their purchases online. As a result, they value smooth transaction processes such as InovioPay that are both safe and easy to use. If the process is clunky or awkward, you’re likely to lose customers. Indeed, most people expect to be able to pay seamlessly – regardless of how technically complex the transaction process can be. Your customers don’t want to waste time or effort in making things work. They consider it your duty to create a smooth payment experience. 


I don’t feel valued

Nobody likes to read negative feedback. In fact, it might be tempting to ignore bad reviews and focus on positive words. However, unhappy customers are only the tip of the iceberg. They have encountered problems with your business, and you can’t fix those issues if you don’t listen to their input. Making your customers feel appreciated starts when you give them the attention they deserve. 


You’ve ignored me 

The majority of customers who interact with your brand on social media expect a response within a day. According to research from Clutch, over a third of customers expect an answer within one hour of posting their comments. Indeed, social media platforms encourage a network of fast-paced interactions. If you are to remain credible in this environment, you need to make sure you reply as quickly as possible to your customers. 



I don’t like plastic

Shoppers hate paying extra for a plastic bag in shops. But what they can’t bear is the raw hypocrisy of their favorite brands, using plastic as part of their packaging and shipping operations. Indeed, plastic presents an environmental risk to wildlife. It’s precisely why authorities are trying to tackle its presence in the high street. However, failing to reduce your consumption of plastic as a brand can have a negative effect, not only on your reputation but also on your relationship with your customers. They expect you to make the same effort they do to live a plastic-free life. 


Why am I receiving all those emails?

Businesses collect customer data as part of their activities. However, your customers regard unsolicited newsletters and marketing content negatively. Indeed, you need to make it clear from the start how the collected data will be used. Customers who have committed to one purchase are unwilling to be part of your marketing emailing list. More importantly, digital campaigns are suffering from a bad rep as a result. 


In conclusion, your customers highlight issues that affect your everyday performance. Whether they struggle to pay online, or they dislike mass emailing, they reflect on current audience trends and feelings. You can’t afford to ignore them!