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As a freelancer, you might find that you’re constantly busy with new projects and talking to your clients. And while having the freedom to work from home is great, you often spend a lot of time inside away from fresh air. As your diary is constantly full, it might be hard to find the time to get outside or enjoy a new activity. But in order to live your life to the full, you need to take a break every once in a while.


Even if it’s one afternoon or evening a week, making the time to do an activity you love will make you feel better in yourself. You can then go back to work feeling more energized and refreshed, ready for whatever work you have to do. 


If you’re stuck for inspiration, however, this process can seem quite daunting. So to make it a little easier, here are five examples of activities that you can enjoy in your free time!


Go Hiking 


Do you live somewhere that has beautiful scenery surrounding it? Then why not head out for an unforgettable hike one lunchtime or afternoon during the week. Giving you that much-deserved break away from the screen, you’ll be able to take in breath-taking views and get some exercise at the same time. 


As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you’ll find that you’re often glued to the screen and your computer chair. So it’s time to get out to nature and explore all that it has with an exhilarating hike! Just remember to be safe, however, and that you plan out the route in advance so that you’re familiar with it.

Head Out On The Water


If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake or the coast, then why not spend your free time enjoying a relaxing boating experience. If you love the water, you could also join one of the local boat clubs in your area – giving you the freedom to take out a boat whenever you want to. This is a great way of taking a break from work and creating wonderful memories that last a lifetime.


If you join a boat club, you could then take it out when your friends or relatives around, giving you something that’s unique and fun to do together. 

Join a Cookery Class


Do you see yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey? Or perhaps you’re just a foodie. However much you love food, joining a cookery class is a wonderful thing to do. Giving you the chance to learn how to cook a variety of cuisines while socializing with those in your local community, it will take your mind off of work for a while and onto something else.


You can then use the recipes you’ve learned to create your own delicious meals at home for you and your family. A useful skill to have, it can prove to be an invaluable activity in the long run. 

Take up a New Hobby


As well as cookery classes, there are tons of fun new hobbies that you can take up in your spare time. From pottery classes to sewing and reading, you could uncover something that you’re passionate about. 


By doing this, not only are you exploring new possibilities but you’re also taking a break from work – something that everyone should do when they can. Life’s too short. So you don’t want to spend all of your time working after all!

Get Green-Fingered 


If you’ve always loved nature, then maybe it’s time to get out and create your own beautiful yard. A great opportunity to clear your mind, you can spend your afternoons or lunch hours planting flowers, trees or simply tidying up your yard. At the end of the process, you’ll feel a lot better about the space and will feel as though you’re ready to go back to work. 

Final Thoughts


So, there you go! There are 5 fun activities that you can enjoy in your spare time. What you choose to do will, of course, depend on your interests and the amount of spare time that you have. But whatever you decide on, you’ll find that you’re feeling more optimistic about work and that you’re more productive when it comes time to go back to it.


No matter if you’re new to freelancing or you’ve been doing it for a while, a fun new hobby or activity will prove to be wonderful! However long you’re planning on doing it for.