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Holiday jobs are most-often found as retail positions, but did you know that this season is full of potential to earn extra cash from home?

Avoid the crowds, stay in your pajamas AND earn the money you need for gifts this year!

1. Christmas Party Planner or Event Coordinator

Type-A personalities would be well suited for this. From large corporations to smaller family businesses, most workplaces throw a Christmas party. The smaller businesses may not have the personnel or know how to pull it off. If you know how to shop for a great deal, make a few phone calls to venues and/or catering companies, you can be a holiday event planner. Network with business owners in your area. Send out emails stating your services and asking them for details such as themes, numbers expected to attend. Ask If they need invitations sent out, DJs coordinated, and how formal they want their event to be. A well thought out template email form or survey landing page would streamline your interactions. You could even think ahead and off to run their New Years Party.

2. Gift Wrapping and Storage

You can place an ad on Craigslist or your local Facebook group for gift wrapping services. How many people have tons of gifts to wrap but little time and energy to get it all done? Decide on how much space you have and designate a place in your home that will be dedicated to gift wrapping. Figure out your costs and decide how much you will charge per package or per hour. You will probably do better if you provide the wrapping and ribbons and factor them into your cost. If you have an extra room or two, you can charge a bit more for storing presents for the next few weeks (the kids will never find them)! Then set up a time the day or two before Christmas for people to pick up their gifts, or add a surcharge and deliver them! You’d be surprised how many people would drop an extra hundred dollars or two to get out of wrapping their gifts.

5 Holiday Jobs to Earn Extra Cash from Home

3. Holiday Babysitting

Offer childcare services on craigslist or feel around at your church or school for someone who needs some time for shopping. Many people also have unexpected holiday parties to attend and need some extra sitters. If you have the time and patience to babysit, it can really add up over the next few weeks.

4. Pet Sitting

Many people go on vacation or visit out of town family but don’t want to put their pets in a kennel. Whether you offer to watch pets at your own home or go to someone else’s home to care for the pets and/or bring in the mail and water the plants, this may be another idea that would work out well for you. Trusted Housesitters is a site that looks for people to house sit all around the world! A free Christmas Vacation sounds fun!

5. Take Surveys, Earn Cash

There are several different online survey sites that pay you for your opinion. One of my favorites is Global Test Market. You sign up for free and just give them your two cents for quite a bit more! It’s fun, I do them when I’m bored (not often, but every little bit helps).
You can sign up here!


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