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When you’re looking to save money, first you’ve got to organize your finances. With a clear picture of your spending habits, it’s easier to improve your budget. From budgeting tools to rewards apps, let’s take a look at a few of the best money-saving resources.


1 . Goodbudget App


With this personal finance tool, you can manage your money, track your debts and plan your budget. Budgeting with your family or a partner? With Goodbudget it’s simple to sync your budget across different accounts and devices. All of your data is backed up to the Goodbudget website, and the app is incredibly simple to use. Using the financial reports, you’ll learn how you can modify your budget. Users can access an envelope report and income vs spending report. There’s also a feature to monitor your debts, helping you to make progress.


  1. Shopkick 


Using the Shopkick app you can earn free gift cards, all you have to do is scan your receipts, and you’ll get plenty of rewards on your shopping. You can earn points by shopping in-store and shopping online. Shopkick partners with plenty of major brands and retailers including Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and Starbucks. The more rewards you earn, the more money you’ll save. When it comes to saving money, every dollar makes a difference.


  1. Prism Bills


Prism Bills helps you to avoid late fees and keep on top of your monthly bills. The app monitors your bills and sends notifications to remind you. Using the app you can also monitor your monthly expenses, account balances, and income. The app features thousands of different billers, so it’s easy to manage your needs. Here you can track due dates and access payment history. There’s a bill calendar and graphs to help you understand your finances.


  1. Financial Planning Services


Financial planning services help individuals to manage their income and savings. Financial planners offer a range of different services including investment management, wealth management, retirement planning, and general financial planning. Working with a financial planner can help you to create a roadmap for your future. You can create savings goals, get investment advice, and more. With so many expenses to oversee, it’s useful to have a little help, when it comes to planning your finances.

  1. Bean


The Bean app can help you to manage your personal finances, and start saving money. The app includes a feature where you can compare providers, if you find a cheaper service, Bean makes it easy to switch. The app searches a wide range of providers, to help you find the best deal. You can use the app to cancel subscriptions, and manage your contracts, using the dashboard. The Bean app provides you with analytics, so you can visualize your finances, and plan to save more.


Using these five resources you’ll be able to improve your budget, make savings, and plan your financial future. Once you’ve started to save you might want to look into investment opportunities, to grow your money.