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Content marketing has become a crucial part of any business’s online presence. A huge number of companies now realize the importance of creating new, fresh content that helps drive traffic to their website. It’s standard practice to have a company blog that is dedicated to the latest trends or headlines in the industry. While this shows a willingness to stay relevant to customers, it has led to an abundance of shallow content circulating. 

While articles with little substance but enticing headlines may have been useful in the past, Google has now changed its search algorithm to reward quality and authoritative content. It’s no longer enough to jam a list of keywords into an article title and first paragraph. 

Quality content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies in the digital marketing space of late. Where traditional marketing is all about the sale, content marketing provides value to the customer and helps develop a trusting relationship. It’s informative, adaptive, and can be cost-effective.

Here are five top tips to help you create quality content for your company website. 

Establish your target audience

It’s impossible to create great content if you don’t know who you are targeting. You must know your audience, their interests, and what they are looking for. This will help you to create content that fills their needs.

Analyze your website analytics, social insights, and customer list to create consumer profiles. These will be the foundations beneath your content strategy.


Set goals

Goals are essential in business. They act as markers for success and help focus operations. Targets should be set in across all functions, including content marketing. 

The style and format of your content will depend on your goals. Content for lead generation will differ significantly to content focused on customer service. 

Set clear, measurable goals to guide the direction of your content.


Utilize SEO the right way

Many companies perform keyword research and base their content around what potential customers are searching for. Although this is important, SEO based content involves much more than keywords. 

SEO tracking metrics should be a major focus within your campaign. Once you publish content, it’s vital to measure the impact that it’s having. Whether you measure domain authority, conversion rates, organic traffic numbers, or backlinks, your campaign performance must be tracked and measured. Otherwise, your SEO efforts may be a waste of time.


Expert copywriting

You can have key customer data, in-depth research information, and a great content strategy, but poorly executed writing is sure to drive away potential customers. Don’t fall at the final hurdle by settling for mediocre copywriting. 

Copywriting is the contact point with customers, so it is a vital part of the process. Consider hiring professional copywriting services to help you in this area.


Analyze and learn

Once your campaign has ended, use data analyses and learn from it. With clear goals and SEO tracking metrics as core aspects of the campaign, it should be relatively easy to determine its effectiveness. 

Not every campaign will be a roaring success, so ensure that you interpret the data carefully in order to improve the next one.