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Zig Zigler once said that people will listen to you if they like you, and if they trust you, they will do business with you. This statement means that as an entrepreneur, earning your customer’s trust should be a top priority. In fact, it’s not something you should compromise on for any reason. Without working on getting your customers to believe in you and your abilities, you’ll struggle to make sales and maintain customer loyalty. Based on all that, here are 5 ways you can earn and avoid losing customers’ trust in business.


Create an Engaging Online Presence

With digital marketing forming a huge movement in strategies for driving sales, creating an engaging online presence is a must for businesses who want to remain on the front line and stay relevant. However, taking your business online is not just to drive sales but it also helps promote trust by proactively providing customers with useful information. 


Keep them updated with the latest industry news, offers, and even difficulties your company may be facing. Crown that off by telling them the steps you’ve taken to resolve them. This shows your customers that you are transparent and a specialist in your niche.


Encourage Online Reviews

In the same way, it’s important to provide useful information to your customers, it’s equally good to get feedback from them through reviews. Even more, online reviews help to influence customer purchase behavior. If they’re good, it’ll bring more people on board and vice versa. 

Find ways to encourage your customers to leave feedback and testimonials on your social media pages, and you can equally share this on your website. This way, when new customers come to shop, they will feel safe and trust you to satisfy them just as you have 

done for customers in the past.


That said, there is a common saying that in business, customers are your number one marketers. This is because word of mouth from previous and existing customers travels faster than any other marketing strategy or promotion out there. 


Implement Processes that Improve Customer Experience

Good customer experience is one way to improve customers’ trust. Based on this, you need to evaluate the processes and steps that your business needs to take to improve operational efficiency. Even more, ensure that customers are getting an all-around unmatchable experience. To execute this, you should always be available and easily accessible, especially when your customers hit a glitch along the way. At the end of the day, customers should think of you as reliable. 


More so, preserving Integrity is another way to improve customer experience, do this by simply keeping your word. So, if you said a customer will get their delivery in 2 days, it shouldn’t turn to 5 days. With services like bond last mile, you can make your delivery services more reliable and maintain your integrity. 


Be Respectful

No doubt, the customer is King and you must treat them that way. Let your business processes show that you respect and value your customers’ time. If one of them is experiencing difficulty using your service or purchasing your goods, show empathy. 


Be patient enough to provide a sincere apology and let them know that you understand that their time is valuable. Equally, let them know you will resolve the issue and give them a particular time frame.