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We all know that when it comes to running an efficient business, time equals money. Regardless, time is easily wasted, and productivity lost without the right routine. Whether time is lost due to distractions, disorganization, or lack of motivation, there are a few simple tricks you can use to get things back on track.


Reduce email checking times 


Employees tend to spend a large portion of the day checking and responding to emails. While these tasks need to be done, spending too much of the day lost in your inbox can waste time. When you’re in the middle of another task, constant email notifications can be a distraction. Employees tend to check and respond immediately; and then lose focus on another critical project. To prevent time-wasting in this area, some businesses arrange an hour or so whereby staff are instructed to turn off email notifications. Without the pop-ups, more high-priority tasks can go on, uninterrupted. 


Social media 


Social media is one of those time zapping activities that many employees will get drawn into throughout the day. Some companies put a social media blocker on their computers in an attempt to stop staff members from wasting time here. It’s possible to enable time settings so that the blockers are not in place all of the time. Other businesses find it more productive to encourage employees to use social media for company purposes. Such tasks could involve contacting clients, or specific promotions. 




Making use of great time-tracking tools can allow your business to increase efficiency. Initially, such software allows staff members to submit timesheet information seamlessly. Beyond this, time-tracking software can allow a company to determine exactly where staff are spending their time. Such data can be utilized to improve time-management and the prioritizing of high-value tasks. Services like netsuite time tracking offer some great solutions for time-tracking and CPQ too. 


Use breaks effectively 


When staff members do not have enough breaks, demotivation and fatigue kick in. It’s best to encourage several short breaks throughout the day so that all staff are refreshed and motivated. When employees are suffering a creative lull, a short break is often all that they’ll need to get back on track. Exercise has long been praised for boosting endorphins, lifting energy, and a productive brain. Companies that offer gyms or yoga classes can help their staff to access such benefits. 


Remote working or flexitime 


When you expand the spaces in which employees can work, you’ll reduce wasted time. Allowing employees to work from home means that there will be less downtime if they cannot access the office for any reason. What’s more, you open up the opportunities to work on-the-go as part of a business trip, for instance. Offering flexitime has been linked to enhancing job satisfaction and increasing productivity.


Lastly, when employees have not received the appropriate training for a task, time will be wasted due to confusion and mistakes. If you are asking your employees to take on new responsibilities and tasks, ensure that you provide short training sessions to minimize any downtime.