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Nearly every business owner believes that they have happy customers, without actually checking whether their customers are happy! They want their customers to love their service and their products, and they make the assumption that everyone does. Very few entrepreneurs know what their customers are feeling and when, and they think that they can just head to Google to see what people are saying about them online.


This is nowhere near enough of what they should be doing. Unless your customers are online and writing opinions about you everywhere all the time, you’re not going to know what your customers think. One day, you think everything is going smoothly. Your numbers are looking okay and you feel good about what you have to offer. Then, it all stops. Your customer numbers drop. The engagement and likes online is slowing down – and you have no idea why! So, let’s take a look at five ways that you can tell if your customers are happy – so you can avoid losing them all.

  1. Ask Them What They Think. The best way to learn whether your customers are happy is to just ask. You can use user research software to tell what they are thinking en masse, recording the data and able to analyze it later. You could also send out an email asking for their feedback when they buy a new product from you. Get as many details from them as possible so that you can figure out what they want.
  2. Survey Customers Regularly. There are always difficult and more detailed things that you can ask your customers, and you need more than the positive responses you’d hope to get. With surveys, you can dig a little deeper and get to the bottom of what they truly want – what would make them happy.
  3. Pay Attention & Listen. Get yourself on social media and put your ear to the ground. Or screen, as it were. You need to see their commentary, their opinions, their conversations. When they praise, listen to them. When they complain, listen even harder. Be okay with whatever their opinions are, and then offer whatever will enhance their experience.
  4. Find The Happy Ones – Get Their Help. If you have a bank of happy customers who are continuously praising you, ask them for help! Ask the happy ones to be affiliates who can influence others. Happy customers have far more clout than you could ever have because people listen to their peers. 
  5. Referrals Are Key! Discounts, offers, and freebies are all a key part of your business and you should be building a list of customers who can shine a good light over your products. If they can do that, you know you have a range of happy customers.


Having happy customers has got to be your goal as a business, and it’s not just about staying on top of how your customers feel; but about how you maintain that happiness. Your customers are the key to your success – look after them!