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Let’s face it, your market audience has seen it all. Almost nothing fazes them or impresses them anymore. They’re so savvy, you’re doing well if you can grab their fleeting attention for more than three minutes. So these days, there’s a need to get seriously CREATIVE on the marketing front. 


Do you know which the most successful tactics are currently in use? The following six ideas are definitely ones to check your marketing consulting team are all over because they work.


Guerilla Not Vanilla


Like a marketing superhero, Guerilla marketing harnesses the powers of originality, creativity, and imagination all in one go. Far from the beige end of the marketing color spectrum – Guerilla is more neon rainbows. Using it to flash fresh and original ideas into the faces of innocent passers-by, it’s a low budget force of marketing nature. 


Tinder is one mother of an example. It grew from 5000 to 15,000 users virtually overnight by seeding parties, getting sorority students to sign up to the app. Turning up at exclusive events full of beautiful college students, CEO at the time, Whitney Wolfe, would sign up groups of stunning women, announcing that there were hundreds of sexy guys waiting on this app. She would then go over to the groups of men, sign them up and they’d immediately see scores of beautiful women. Simple yet highly effective, this particular guerilla campaign knew it’s target audience straight off the bat.


Contests and Giveaways


You’ve got to be in it to win it! Everybody loves a free gift, even if it wasn’t entirely free and you had to follow the account, like their post and tag ten friends to enter. Instagram is awash with giveaways, but for good reason – they work. The prizes don’t need to be over the top, just items from your store or services you provide. 


Social Media Feeder


Get socializing on social media. We spend hours upon hours drifting through social media sites so why not utilize these incredible platforms to get your word out.  Top social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest might have been around for a while, but they’re still worth their weight in gold when it comes to your marketing strategy.


Affordable Advertising Channels


TV adverts may be out of the question; reserved for big corporate brands, they cost the earth to produce. Online advertising is cheaper and far easier to tailor to your desired market audience. Facebook ads and Google Pay Per Click are both alternatives that give good ROI.  




You also can promote your latest products and services using the following free or cost-effective methods:


  • Intersperse your hold music with a telephone message playing your promotions while customers are a truly captive audience.
  • Gifting birthday vouchers and surprise rewards to your mailing list recipients.
  • If you’re a retailer, opt for window decals, advertising your latest offers.
  • Bumper stickers are an oldie but a goodie.


And Finally, Create Valuable Content 


Adored by Google, and a pleasure to read for potential customers, generating original compelling content is an excellent route to free internet traffic.  Using carefully placed words and links, you can boost your company’s ranking on Google, so you’ll show up quicker when people search for your product or similar items. 


There are many other ways of engaging with potential customers; creating videos, hosting podcasts and designing infographics are just a few examples that can bring real results, but these days, the need to get creative is stronger than ever. 

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