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Marketing automation has been gaining momentum for years now.  It’s not just for businesses with big budgets and huge marketing teams, it’s accessible to everyone and can move your whole marketing game to the next level.  


There a number of platforms that incorporate SEO, social, email, CRM, and e-commerce into one cohesive program.  


The benefits are numerous, and once you have designed your sales funnel and campaign stages, your campaigns can pretty much run themselves with very little intervention from you.  

Increase the scope and creativity of campaigns

Using an all-encompassing business solution for marketing automation such as Hubspot or Zoho can give you slick, polished-looking campaigns that can directly increase sales.  


Using funnels and triggers you can save so much time than if you had to create and send everything manually. 


Knowing that the day-to-day marketing functions are taken care of allows you or your team to concentrate on being more creative and inventive, which is difficult to do if you’re constantly bogged down in doing everything manually. 


Improve the customer experience

A well-designed marketing campaign that uses behavioral triggers can create a better, more personalized experience for your audience. 


93% of companies that used personalization found an increase in conversion rates


Reduce costs

Cost control is important for home-based entrepreneurs to large organizations alike.  Automation reduces the need to hire additional staff or use third party agencies.  This leaves you free to concentrate on other, core business areas but know that your marketing is still working for you. 


Recover abandoned shopping cart revenue

Shockingly, over 75% of users abandon their shopping carts.  That is a lot of potential money left on the table.  Automated campaigns can identify and target those who have abandoned their shopping carts can encourage customers to return to complete their purchases. 


This could be as simple as sending out a reminder email or using an incentive, such as a discount, for completing their purchase in a particular timeframe. 


Higher customer lifetime value

By using loyalty and retention strategies, you can increase the amount someone spends with you throughout their customer lifecycle. Running loyalty campaigns, sending special offers, or VIP perks, you can strengthen your relationship with your customers and re-engage those who may not have bought from you in a while. 


Scale-up easily

If all of your efforts go to plan, you’ll start increasing your customer base, profits, and email lists.  


The great thing about automation platforms is that they can scale with you.  Whether you’re marketing to 300 people or 300,000, you can scale up your marketing efforts without additional resources beyond a higher subscription cost.  There’s no need to change platforms unless you’re specifically looking for features that your current one does not provide. 


Actionable data

Successful digital marketing runs on data.  There’s no escaping it.  Marketing automation platforms are designed to provide you with all the data you could ever need to analyze your customers and their behavior.  You can use this data to make extremely important decisions around your product or service offerings and to refine your strategy for future campaigns.