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As a business owner, it’s in your best interests to support the health and wellbeing of your employees as far as possible. Supporting health is not just a moral and legal issue, but it’s also important to ensure that employees can reach their full creative potential. To create a new health and wellbeing roadmap for 2021, these ideas can help.


1 . Discourage Excessive Over Time


According to CNBC ‘Companies are facing an employee burnout crisis.’ In discussion of the crisis CNBC points to a Gallup study, stating that, ‘23 percent of full-time employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes.’


To help your employees to avoid burnout, one of the things that you can do is to discourage excessive overtime. You should pay close attention to project management, to ensure that deadlines and workloads are realistic.


  1. Use Staff Wellbeing Platforms 


To help you support the health and wellness of your staff, try using a business wellbeing platform, you may wish to consider the following:


  • Woliba: Here you’ll get an application for employee wellness, staff engagement, and recognition. Woliba has all the tools you need to help employees achieve the perfect work-life balance. The platform offers a wide range of content to support both physical health and mental health, focusing on areas including lifestyle, stress, workplace, and nutrition.


  • Wellness 360: The Wellness 360 Tool was created to help companies to promote wellness, health, and engagement. The app offers wellness content in several different forms including challenges, events, and coaching. Here employees can set wellness goals, access wellness treatments, and more.


  1. Encourage Regular Breaks


Often, the most simple wellbeing rituals are the most effective. Encourage all employees to take regular breaks throughout the working day, to relax and refocus. Taking short and frequent breaks allows staff to destress, boost productivity, and remain creative. How you spend a work break is just as important as taking one. Create an employee wellbeing handbook, and use it to suggest healthy break activities. A few ideas might be reading a book, using a meditation app, taking a walk outside, or eating a healthy snack.


  1. Focus On Company Culture 


Businesses with positive company culture are more likely to have healthier and happier employees, what’s more, these companies experience reduced turnover. When you work on improving your company culture, you’ll boost staff wellbeing at the same time. 


Creating a positive company culture relies on ensuring that employees feel valued and heard. You can ensure this by adopting a solid employee recognition program, and asking staff for regular feedback. Help your staff to plan career-roadmaps, outlining their goals, and how they will reach them. Create autonomous teams to give staff more responsibility.


  1. Frequent Risk Assessments


Basic health and safety should never be overlooked, you’ll need to perform frequent risk assessment policies to ensure that all staff are safe. Update your health and safety policies often, and make sure that risks are promptly dealt with. Depending on the type of establishment you run, the risks will be different. Office settings will need to provide ergonomic workstations, while industrial settings will need to use appropriate dust collecting machinery. To keep these machines working as effectively as possible it’s best to look for a premium selection of cartridge filters.


  1. Offer Health Care Plans Where Possible


Offering health care plans can help to improve staff health, reduce absenteeism, reduce turnover, and improve company culture. While you’re at it, consider any other health-based programs you may be able to offer, whether it’s on-site exercise classes, or discounted health food products. Companies that offer health perks have more chance of retaining the best talent out there, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are unable to offer health care plans, consider offering health- based apps, (many of these can be accessed for free)!

Another consideration in the employee wellness arena to consider is providing support along the lines of health insurance. PHP agency reviews can be extremely useful in identifying the right providers and products. In a market where employee benefits play a serious role in talent attraction and retention, these types on offerings are super valuable. Not to mention increased morale and productivity. 


  1. Create A Healthy Environment 


Most importantly of all, employers must create a healthy office environment, helping employees to feel comfortable and remain productive. To create a healthy environment, use air filters and plants to enhance air quality. Ensure that you use plenty of natural light, and prioritize eco-friendly appliances and devices. Standing desks can help employees to get a little more exercise, or you might like to incorporate under desk bikes, (for a more fun option)!


Whichever options you choose, investing in the health of your staff helps you to invest in the success of your company.