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When you work in a creative career, your job is always going to feel incredibly rewarding. It’s highly likely that you’re a creative person yourself, and you’ve always loved doing what you do. This is very much the case when you’re a writer. Whether you’re a copywriter that writes for businesses, or you’re a journalist or a blogger that writers stores and articles – or both, you must love what you do. And at the same time, you’re probably looking for a way to grow your career and head in the right direction. Well, one of the most exciting things that you can do here is go at it alone. Yes, it can seem really scary when you think about going freelance and working from home because it’s new and different – but it can also make your career and really help your work to shine.

However, you’ll also want to think about what you can do to prepare properly for this. Because it’s safe to say that, you’re not going to want to just quit your job one day, and then figure out how you’re going to do it. You need to have a plan of action (and savings too) before you start. When you’ve thought it all through, you’ll have a much better chance of making it work. So, let’s look at a possible plan of action for you, to help you get into a rhythm of freelancing.

  1. Believe In Yourself


First of all, you absolutely need to make sure that you do believe in yourself in order to do this. Talent is important yes, experience can help, but if you believe that you can make this work, and you’re confident in finding success, you’ll make it work. So be sure that you’re backing yourself.


  1. Get Set Up


The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re set up properly. If you don’t have the right set up from the start, you may not feel professional or legitimate. And this can really affect your success with your growth. So think about registering your business, by looking at things like Incfile reviews and choosing how to do it. Then make sure that you have a comfortable workspace to operate from, to help you feel the part.


  1. Create A Website


Now you need a website. It’s your main sales tool, how you can sell yourself, and showcase your work. But it doesn’t have to be something that is big and flash and fancy. It just needs to sell your services, connect with your customer, and allow you to generate business leads.

7 Ways To Find Your Freelance Rhythm

  1. Set Working Hours


Something that can really allow you to get into a rhythm, is to have set working hours. If you know when you’re working, then you’ve got a set amount of hours to get everything done. And this can help you to establish a routine, manage your work, and ensure that you find success too.


  1. Get Comfortable With Marketing


Now, the one thing that can help you to really push your freelance writing career and enjoy it too, is to market as much as you can. Promoting your business can always feel really intimidating when you’re new. It’s scary to put yourself out there. And maybe you really don’t like the idea of selling yourself? However, you do need to be able to pitch and showcase what you’re doing on social media, to help you to grow and earn what you want.


  1. Know Your Worth


It’s also handy to believe in yourself and allow yourself to charge rates that you want in order to get to the level of work that you’re at. But you have to know your worth to do this. And the idea of believing in yourself comes in here too.


  1. Work Towards A Goal


Last but not least, you may find that one of the best things that you can do to find your freelance rhythm, is to be working towards a goal. And yes, in order to do this, you’ll find that you need to be able to set a goal in the first place. So, think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to make a set amount of money? Or do you want to work for certain kinds of clients? Or only work so many hours a day? When you’re working with this in mind, you’ll find it easy to get into a rhythm.