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Blogging is a very important tool for marketing any business today. Not only can blogging build a business it can also become a business. Blogging is essentially writing articles about a particular topic of interest based on the subject or niche of the website where the blog resides. But it does so much more and there are many reasons to start blogging to keep going.

1. To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Blogging is a simple way to tell the story of your brand through case studies, historical information, and by sharing data. People love reading about how you got started and why.

2. To Establish Expertise

If you want people to realize that you’re an expert in your niche, blogging regularly about the topic is an excellent way to do so. If you can blog three to five times a week about a niche, you’re obviously an expert.

3. To Attract New Clients

Blogging about what you do, why you do it, and how you do it will go far in creating new opportunities for getting more clients. Even if you feel as if you’re giving away all the information free on your blog, people who need the work done will still hire you.

8 reasons to start blogging and why you should keep going

4. To Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization involves many factors, but one is on-page keywords that help search engines find your blog in order to send people to it who use those words to find information.

5. To Find Your Business’s Voice

As you talk about new products, services, or other issues within your niche, you are also creating a voice for your company that will carry it forth to new customers. If youíre excited about a product, your audience will be too. If you’re serious about it, your audience will be too. It’s all in word choice.

6. To Interact with Your Audience

Many people do not think of a blog as social media, but it really is. When you open up comments to your blog, it gives you a chance to interact with your audience based on the topic you want to discuss. Use that opportunity to get feedback and even for new product ideas.

7. To Use Resources Wisely

Most businesses have limited marketing budgets, and blogging uses that budget very wisely due to the amount of return you can expect on your investment. Blogging is the long game, and the blogs you post today will still be working for you a year from now if you plan appropriately. It’s all about momentum.  Evergreen content is useful for re-posting, pinning on Pinterest, and as a go-to reference.

8. To Educate Your Audience

Blogs are an excellent way to educate your audience about problems and issues that affect them. Plus, it’s a simple way to get out news regarding solutions that you want to offer them.

Blogging will build your business faster than almost any other activity, especially if your business is an online business. If you’ve studied your audience enough to understand what they want to read and blog as often as possible, you’ll create a lot of momentum in your business and your blog.