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If you’d like to take your career up a notch, then cybersecurity training is the way to go. Unlike many roles in IT and computing, cybersecurity requires a human touch. The world needs people who can see patterns in data, identify what malicious online actors are trying to do, and find ways to neutralize the threats. 


Companies need people with cybersecurity expertise more than ever before. The number of high-profile data breaches has been high in recent years and continues to rise, as the infographic below makes clear. Companies like MyFitnessPal and Equifax lost the data of millions of users to hackers, costing them tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and probably a heck of a lot more than that in fines. 


The tactics of online criminals are changing. In the past, small groups of people looking to create mayhem would create viruses for the sake of it, trying to see how much damage they could to private computer users and businesses. Today, however, more people are piling into criminal activity, thanks to the fact that company data is so much more valuable than it used to be, both to the companies themselves and their competitors. Criminals know that if they can get hold of the data, they can hold it to ransom, extorting large payments from their victims. 


Getting an education in cybersecurity can give you the skills to protect company data. Businesses are desperate for people with the skills needed to defend them against attacks. Want to know more? Check out the following infographic. 


Infographic by University of Alabama Birmingham