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Businesses need to think strategically about how their employees spend their time. While it might seem logical to allow workers to run their own affairs, it doesn’t make good business sense. You don’t want colleagues who are always stressed and rushed off their feet. When your people are too busy, they’re less likely to focus on the task at hand. 


In this post, therefore, we’re going to take a look at some actionable strategies that you can use that help your employees save time. Implementing them can boost morale and make your enterprise stronger. 


Improve Your IT Network

For seasoned employees, there’s nothing more annoying than working at a firm with a sluggish network. All they want to do is get on with their work, but they can’t because of loading screens, freezes, and error messages. 


It is vital, therefore, that you improve your IT network. Doing so will reduce the amount of time that workers spend sitting frustrated at their desks, and increase the amount of work that they can do. 


Solve Their Laundry Woes


Some workplaces, especially restaurants, doctors’ offices and retail, require employees to wash their uniforms regularly. It is a matter of health and safety. 


Apparel washing in doctors offices and linen services as well as commercial laundry are becoming more popular. These allow workers to go about their day without constantly worrying about when they last put their clothes in the washing machine. It takes away their stress and enables them to focus on their tasks. It is also an unusual perk that helps you stand out compared to other employers. 


Auto-Enrolment In Financial Services


Let’s face it: the majority of your employees don’t have a working knowledge of how most financial products work. Sure, they could benefit – but the vast majority don’t know the options out there. 


Auto-enrolling them in things like share schemes and pensions, therefore, can save them a lot of time and hassle. You just explain how you’re allocating their wages when they sign up and then get on with it. 


By managing their finances, you save them a lot of trouble and help them behave more prudently. If they know that you’re garnishing their wages for an investment account, they’re much more likely to forgo spending in the present. 

Allow Work-From-Home Options

COVID-19 means that around 45 percent of workers are now working from home. And many will hope that the situation will continue. Commuting takes up a lot of workers’ time. It is a hidden tax of going to work and performing a job. It puts a strain on relationships and makes the working day even more exhausting. 


Allowing work-from-home options, however, can dramatically improve your employees’ life. They avoid all of the usual stress and strain of travel, and they save money. Just remember to provide adequate support from your HQ. 


Saving your employee’s time ultimately comes back around to benefit you. While there might be some upfront costs, it is your business that wins eventually. You wind up with higher revenues, higher profits, and a better brand.