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In today’s digital age, a lot of logistics companies are still buried in a sea of paperwork when it comes to their vehicle checks. Sadly this means that a lot of time is wasted that could be spent on more profitable areas of their business. What a lot of logistics companies do not realize is that there are many other options available to them. They can increase their efficiency levels by huge amounts if they were to adopt a technology-based system. With that being said, read on to discover more about the benefits that these apps can bring.


There are a number of new apps on the market that allow businesses to control and manage daily vehicle checks. When you combine this with powerful fuel transfer pumps, such as those from GPI, you’ve got the most efficient way to keep your vehicles on the road and to run your business as efficiently as possible. There are also software options for efficient routing and much more. 


Some of the apps are free to download and so there is sometimes no start-up cost entailed when going down this route. Moreover, as they are generally easy to use, integration is not an issue either. You will start reaping the benefits of one of these applications from the moment you download it. This is of course extremely important, as businesses often do not have the time or resources to commit to integrating complex new systems.


So, how does an app of this nature work? Such an app allows drivers to complete daily vehicle inspections in the most straightforward, convenient, and efficient manner. All they need to do is open the app and select a type of vehicle check. They then tick or cross the necessary boxes. When they are complete they sign it to verify the completion of the check. After this, a report is then emailed to your business via a PDF file. It really is as simple as that! 


These sorts of applications include all of the following checklists – cab checklist, brake checklist, load security checklist, electrical checklist, lights checklist, tyres checklist, and fuel and oil checklist. Your drivers have everything they need to keep a check on their vehicles and ensure that no problems arise. There is no need for them to bother with paperwork. Not only does this make your daily operations more convenient, but it is more secure as well, as everything will be saved electronically and you will receive your own copy via email. 


Every day you spend using a paper system is a day you fall further and further behind your competition. Your drivers will spend more time than is necessary for filling out vehicle checks via a system that is not efficient and not secure. Instead, reap the rewards of a system that is easier to manage, more secure, more effective and cost-efficient. 2020 is certainly the year whereby all logistics companies need to make sure their use of technology is effective.