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Being any kind of business that isn’t on their way out, is successful. Because we know that it’s just so hard to maintain a business in the economic climate that we’re in today, and it just doesn’t help that so many people are trying to set up their own business at the minute, meaning the market is more crowded than it has ever been before. But we just know that being a successful business has never been more appealing than it is today. The freedom of being able to work for yourself, the enjoyment of running your own company, and the excitement of the working day because you’re not behind a desk all day, typing away and taking orders from someone else. You’re the person who is making a massive difference to your own life, but you also need to think about ways that you can make a huge difference to the community around you, the employees that work for you, and the business world. The only way that you’re going to be able to keep on growing, is to make sure that you’re hitting all of those markers, and actually making a difference within them. So, if you keep on reading, we’re going to show you how you can be the business who does more, in so many different ways!

Do More For Your Employees


We wanted to start with this one because this is something that’s either really going to be relevant for you or not at all because you don’t have your own team of employees yet. If you don’t, then you can skip this section and keep on reading. If you do, then we can almost always guarantee that there is so much more that you could be doing for your employees. It’s so common to see people land a job within a company, and then simply be forgotten about. No matter how big or small the company is, there are just a million and one other things that you find yourself needing to do, so we know it’s hard to dedicate the time to them. However, with the suggestion we have, you don’t need much time at all. All you need to do is find twenty minutes each week to sit and talk to them. Spend half of it asking them about their roles, how they’re doing, how you think they could improve, and how they think they could improve. Then, you can spend the rest of the time talking about social things, and actually building a rapport with them. A simple technique like this lets them know that you care, and it’s something we highly advise you to do. You then need to think about an appealing bonus structure that they can work their way up. The more they feel like they can work towards, the harder they’re going to work. So create roles for them to move into, and allow the pay to go up with it!


Do More In Terms Of Marketing


Marketing is something you will no doubt be thinking of all the time, and rightly so. It’s so hard to get marketing right and find that balance that’s going to help promote your company, but also keep your bank account in balance. Because one thing we find is that so many small businesses just can’t get that balance right, and the budget for marketing can be extreme. So, you need to think about the more basic techniques that are going to help you spread the word about your business, without being too invasive and over the top, and without pushing that budget over the limit. The first idea we have is simple, handing out branded merchandise whenever your customers make a purchase. If you have a shop, all you have to do is have a selection behind the till. If you have an online-based business, simply putting an item in with their delivery will do. Eco promotional items might be something that you want to try, because not only are you doing your bit to spread the word about your brand, you’re also doing more for the environment, and a lot of customers are going to go crazy for that. Another technique that we think you should put into your budget, is Google Adwords. It’s a technique that has become hugely popular over the last year or so, and it can do a great amount for your business. But it’s also easy to get carried away with this one, with people spending thousands to get that top spot. 

Do More To Be In The Public Eye


Being in the public eye is ever so important, but doing it the right way is even more important. So many businesses are in the public eye for all of the wrong reasons at the minute. You’ve got big businesses who are tax-avoiding, and others who are being outed for treating their employees terribly. So, to get yourself in the public eye, you should think about sponsoring local events and giving something back to the community. There’s nothing better than showing your contribution to the community than by doing this. All you have to do is find an event in the area near you, and go for it. Another good idea would be to attend one of the many trade events that are going on. No matter what niche you’re in, there’s going to be a trade event related to that. Here you will find yourself not only in the public eye but in the eye of all of your competitors as well! It might cost a little bit of money to go to one of these if you want your own stand, but the reward should be more than worth it. You really need to make sure you’re doing all that you can to make your stand as appealing as you possibly can do as well. Just standing there with your logo on show is not going to give you the exposure that you need.