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Remote working has become far more common in today’s economy thanks to technology and as the effect of the COVID pandemic, when many companies were forced to switch to this method of working and have decided to stick with it. 


There are many good research benefits of working remotely, from better mental and physical health to cost savings. But not everyone is aware of the potential benefits that remote working could bring them.  After all, people can get used to a more traditional working environment and find it hard to see the home as a place where they do their work. 


If you’re wondering about the benefits of home working and whether you could benefit from it, here are some of the pros. 

You could be financially better off

In the vast majority of cases, your salary will go a lot further when it comes to working remotely. Not only will you be saving money commuting and buying food and drink when you’re at work, but there are other savings to be made such as not having to spend on wrap-around childcare or clothes for the office. 


You also don’t have to be geographically close to the company you’re working for, which means that if you live in an expensive area, just to be close to a job, you have the flexibility to look at long distance moving to go somewhere else. Choose to be closer to family and friends or an area you’ve always wanted to live in. The difference in the cost of living could be substantial. 

A greater choice of career options

In times gone by, if you wanted to work in a particular sector or a specific company you needed to be already near them, or prepared to relocate. With many companies hiring remote workers, then you don’t have to limit yourself to the number of firms you can apply to. This could have an amazing effect on your career. 

It can build your digital skillset 

Working effectively in a remote setting takes a different set of skills than working in a traditional office. As a remote collaboration with both colleagues and clients becomes the norm, working effectively in this way is a huge plus. Companies look for these skills in their leaders and hire. Networking and building relationships via digital communications is something you can work on. 


So instead of seeing it as a negative thing, embrace new technologies and make them work for you. 

Better mental health

A lot of the benefits of remote working have been shown to improve mental health too. Studies have shown that reduced workplace stress and a better work-life balance can all lead to reduced overall strain on the mental health of many people, which can only be seen as a positive. 

Key points

Different people prefer different ways of working, but there’s no denying that many people can benefit from remote working and the flexibility and autonomy this brings. When deciding which way of working is right for you, make sure you take these areas into account too.