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When you are looking to set up your own business, logic can dictate that you find the right person for the job. This is completely stating the obvious, but these days, the idea of the right person can be interpreted in so many different ways. Yes, we need people to have the skills, but it’s something more than that. It’s about finding what’s beyond that resume. And what can we do to ensure that we’re not just finding the right candidate, but the right breed of person that helps the business develop?

What Does The Application Process Look Like?

If you’re asking people to send their resumes, being inundated with numerous emails and attachments can be a very laborious process. Of course, a cover letter is beneficial, but what we can do with this process is to encourage a sense of individuality. But it’s not just about how they send the message to you; it’s also about if they can take time to be remembered. It’s these little things that can add up to the right person.

Don’t Just Go For Standard Interview Questions

When we’re finding people that have the relevant skills, it’s important to have a backlog of questions in our minds, and while there’s plenty of recruitment software and tips or resources out there to make sure that we really drill down to find out what a specific candidate is all about, it’s worth extending your reach. You can see how they perform on the job, instead of them just telling you, but you also want to disarm them to an extent. You need to see if they are being on their best behavior. It’s worth getting beyond the facade to see how they are as a person. It can be difficult to get right, but it’s not just about having people that embody the skills, you want to be able to work with them. It can be a big ask, but if you can encourage them to come and socialize with you and the team, you’ll be able to get more of an opinion as to their abilities to slot into the company culture.

The Benefits Of Trial Periods

It only depends on the position, but when you hire people that are working from home in a full-time position it’s easier to implement. You have to look at it as a freelance contract. From an investment perspective, if you hire someone for a trial period and they don’t fit in, you haven’t lost that much money. But if you hire someone for a full-time, permanent position, and it all goes belly up a few months in, you’ve lost a lot of money, and it’s been more than stressful.

It’s a very difficult thing to ensure that they’re a good fit in with the team, especially if they work at home, but this is where you have to extend your reach beyond the standard interview process. Finding the best candidate for the job means getting someone that has the skills, fits in with the company, but is also able to contribute something different. We’re always on the lookout for something different, but this means we’ve got to extend our viewpoint beyond the standard hiring process.