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Customer acquisition is at the heart of your business growth strategy. Indeed, the most logical path when it comes to expanding your revenues is to increase sales, which, therefore, means that you need more customers. However, customer acquisition has been on top of the business agenda for a very long time. It’s fair to say that your audience has grown savvier. As a result, traditional brand awareness approaches and strategies are unlikely to lead to positive results. Indeed, in our hyper digitized environment, brand awareness is no guarantee of sales. Your audience wants to feel emotionally committed to the business to complete the purchase. 

It would be a mistake to assume that existing customers feel an emotional connection to your brand. More often than not, the emotional attachment fades over time. The creation of engaging video content is designed to tap into your customers’ psyche. However, there’s only so long someone can maintain their bond with a brand. Social media engagement campaigns show a drop in emotional involvement within three months after purchase. In other words, companies need to be creative to inspire and revive excitement over and over again. One thing is for sure; your YouTube channel doesn’t drive sales in the long term. You need to consider the creation of an excitement-inspiring campaign that reaches out to existing and potential customers and boosts sales. Here are some of the preferred approaches to turn your revenues around before the end of the year: 

Give them something for free

It can seem paradoxical to offer a free service or trial to your customers to grow your income, but in reality, it’s the perfect launch campaign for a new software tool. Indeed, most customers are unwilling to pay for software or applications in an age where they can download a similar product for free. However, providing free and limited access to all functions can encourage them to try out your solution. You can’t ask people to pay for something they don’t know. However, you can ask them to pay to preserve something they use and need regularly. Ideally, depending on the type of software, you should consider 7 to 30 days of free trials. 

Additionally, if you’re launching a new product, you might want to consider free small-sized samples, which are popular in the food and beauty industries, for instance. 

Find the quickest way to deliver their order

Competition for fast delivery services is harsh. In fact, for a lot of companies, maintaining their volumes of customers when Amazon launches same day and next day delivery schemes is hard work! You can nevertheless find suitable alternatives that will put a smile on your customers’ faces. Indeed, while people are unwilling to wait a long time to receive their order, you can offer a variety of positive options to manage shipping times. Sustainable companies, for example, have introduced a delivery schedule to reduce their carbon footprint. In other words, while your customers know how long they have to wait, they also understand and support your reasoning. After all, everybody is ready to wait one extra day if it keeps the planet a little greener. Another excellent tip is to choose shipping packaging solutions that go through the letterbox, such as small white poly mailers. Small parcels can be delivered even when customers are not at home. 


Celebrate THEIR milestones

Happy birthday to you! 

Who doesn’t love a good birthday surprise? Your customers want to feel special one day in the year. Remembering birthdays and celebrating them with your customers can increase brand loyalty and engagement. According to Experian, promotional birthday emails and messages have almost 500% higher transaction rate and generate over 340% more revenue. You can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity to drive sales. B2C businesses can also collect dates of birth for children and partners, which can be used to send a special discount. What is an acceptable discount to encourage your customers to celebrate via a purchase? Brands have different approaches. Disney, for instance, offers a 20% off the shop purchase, while Starbucks prefers to grant the birthday boy or girl a free drink. Ultimately, understand how your customers are likely to react is crucial in defining the best sales-boosting strategy. While a discount voucher can encourage online purchases, a free gift is also a fantastic option if your customers are going to complement their free item – such as buying a slice of cake to complete their coffee! 


Let them create the content they want to see

Making your customers feel valued and appreciated is an integral part of your customer services. But you need to think beyond the typical CS phone interactions. You need to turn your customer interactions on the head and promote your customers’ voices using social media. Indeed, social media contests can be a helpful platform to direct the attention on the content that buyers and brand advocates generate. A well-designed contest can dramatically boost conversion rates. Giving something away to a deserving customer creates a buzz of excitement online. Ideally, you want to encourage people to enter your contest and share their photos or videos about your products. You can also create a dedicated campaign for your customers to share their purchases, such as the H&Mandme hashtag created by H&M. Influencers and fans use the hashtag to show off their looks and drive attention to their online presence. While they benefit from H&M promotional approach, they also engage in further purchases. 


Become the indispensable ally

Let your customers shine by giving them the vital solution to their problems. Indeed, educational emailing campaigns, for instance, help customers not only to understand the different offers on the market but also to make educated choices. Additionally, they’re the ideal secret weapon to sound impressively knowledgeable in conversations! The next step in your email workflow is about exposing a painful problem and explaining to your customers why they can’t afford to ignore it. Ultimately, by providing your audience with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, you also give them the chance to leverage their new wisdom at work or with friends. And who doesn’t like to sound smart? 


Keeping your customers excited is all about offering something they need, whether it’s a thoughtful birthday wish or a brand new take on delivery delays. We all crave excitement and joy; manufacturing the buzz feeling through tailored and smart business strategies can give you a competitive edge on the market!