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When it comes to finding the best job prospects and high-paying positions, the city is usually your best bet given the dense population and countless job opportunities available. However, city life isn’t for everyone and there are a lot of people that would rather be surrounded by nature than smog and loud cars. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then here are a couple of tips to help you build a career in a rural location.


It’s going to involve moving


While you could commute to a rural area for work, it’s going to be very expensive and time-consuming. We highly suggest moving to a rural area if you’re going to build a career there.

You will have limited prospects


You’re probably not going to find many tech-related jobs in a rural area, so make sure you’re fine with the job prospects that are available in a rural location before you consider the move.


Your employer might trap you


You should beware that many employers understand the circumstances their rural employees are under, and some are more than happy to take advantage of this. For instance, if an employer knows that they’re one of the few companies in an area to offer work, they might abuse their position and treat you poorly or try to convince you to stay.

Certain skills are always in high demand


Skills that provide a fundamental service to people will always be in demand. Be it social work (as explained in the infographic below), nursing skills or even building experience, these essential skills will often make it easy for you to find a job in a rural area.

Infographic: University of Nevada Reno