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While the two perspectives can seem worlds apart, self-defense as a corporate entity, or even small business, is not unlike martial arts in application. Adopting this mindset can help us remain strong and protected within this most complex of tasks, or of arts. For instance, we must understand that legally and financially protecting ourselves must be practiced as a dynamic procedure, something that continually caters to our current trajectory as an enterprise. It is a set of requirements that must be upheld and practiced, and that must hold a ruleset that backs up the entire endeavor.


For this reason, we must both seriously and sincerely approach this task. We must also practice is in relation to the threats that exist, and customize our solution for that each time, ensuring that our efforts are never denigrated by inconsistency. While we’d also love to write about high kicks and karate chops in this post, of course, as in martial arts, 90% of success is preparation and choosing your battles correctly, or preferably not having to choose them at all.


Here’s what that may look like:


A Professional In Your Corner


Having a professional in your corner is an important security, no matter if you’re fighting or involved in legal self-defense. For instance, a personal injury litigation lawyer can help you pore over your policy with caution and care, ensuring that you have every contingency planned for. They can also help you in cases of confusion, such as if a personal injury case at your workplace may not be as cut-and-dry as the claimant thinks it is, thanks to your worthwhile accountability measures providing worthwhile context.

Practicing Perfection


It’s important to ensure that you’re practiced in that which you put out. Having several layers of bureaucracy can often be seen as a bad thing, as it leaves businesses inflexible. But it can also be that for any advertising campaign, any promotional tweet, any packaging redesign you filter those options through a focus group, or your board, or a creative department. This helps you refine your strategy, akin to practicing a move one thousand times before you perform it in a sparring context. As they say, the more safeguarding systems you have, the better your result will be. This is also known by the synonymous and original phrase, ‘the more you sweat in training, the less you [come to harm] in war.’


Striking At The Right Time


It may be that you’re involved in a PR blunder, or false allegations have led to a social media firestorm heading your way. You may notice that businesses are often quiet during this event, and that can anger critical commentators. But the truth is that finding the right time to rebut statements, or to curate a solution takes poise, grace and a reading of your audience’s mood. For this reason, we must be careful with our communications and legal actions, ensuring that we are covered and the opportunity is right before we strike. This way, any action has a much more profound effect.


With this advice, we hope you can defend yourself well as a business.