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The sun is shining and it is getting warmer, you can feel the excitement in the air as things start to ease and some form of normality scones back. It is certainly electric as people are making plans, changing their habits, and living their best life. People are also starting to appreciate things a lot more, after one of the most stressful years for, well, most people, the little things are really appreciated and focused on now. Here are some changes you can make this Summer to mix things up, appreciate the little things and enjoy life.

Have A Summer Photo Wall


Choose a space in your home and dedicate it to a photo space for the Summer. As so many of us have been unable to see family, make memories, and be in the moment a great thing you can look to do is just take more pictures. They don’t have to be perfectly poised for pictures, just pictures of what you get up to when you see family and of things you want to remember. Get these printed and put them up throughout the Summer. Every time you walk past it you will feel happy and content, it can spark you to do more things to fill up space, and then you also have a nice collection of photos of your memories which can last a lifetime. 


Change Up Your Style


Let’s face it, with lockdown in play most people were living in their sweats. This is completely justified, no point getting dressed up when you have nowhere to be. However, now we can do more things, go out and enjoy life. It is time to switch up your wardrobe. Look to add some key pieces that are versatile and can work with lots of outfits. Engineered garments are a good place to start which are inspired by New York City culture and thrive off the atmosphere New York City brings. By getting versatile pieces you can save money in the long run and look to shop at places that offer cash back incentives for even more savings. 

Spend More Time In Nature


Now that things are returning to normal one of the changes to incorporate into life is to remember to spend time around nature. As a lot of people get back to work, surrounded by deadlines, stress, and the concrete jungle of life it is even more important to take time out and ground yourself back with nature and what it offers. Simply walking through the local woods is so beneficial as it can contribute to good mental health. Being in nature is proven to reduce anxiety and stress and helps you feel a lot more relaxed. It is a lot easier to spend time in nature when the weather is good too, why not make it a part of your exercise routine? Take an outdoor class, start hiking or join a local walking group. There are so many things you can do this Summer.