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Bottlenecks in businesses are not unusual, as every company faces one challenge or another. They become a problem when they slow your business and stall progress or development. Some bottlenecks can even crumble your business, which is one of the main reasons why over 80% of small businesses fail. Business challenges are hydra-headed, with some firms facing unique problems. However, some bottlenecks are common, and it’s important to identify and address them if your venture will reach its full potential. Here are some common bottlenecks that slow business growth

  • Unstructured and inefficiently managed work


Some reports show that approximately 60% of today’s work is unstructured, with most companies still focusing on ad hoc, one-off tasks. The problem is this wastes a lot of time while increasing operational costs. When you leave workers no choice but to take on unexpected projects as and when they come, you can easily reduce their productivity. That’s because such an unstructured system can easily breed confusion. Workers will be forced to take on tasks that lack clear processes and will have to exert time and energy to understand how to tackle each task as it comes. Before long, work burnout will set in, and you’ll stifle your workers’ creativity and innovation.

  • No investment in research


Research and Development (R&D) are crucial for any business looking to constantly develop; they form the backbone of any business. They can guide you in developing new products or services, improving existing ones, identifying better approaches to consumer satisfaction, and others. Failing to invest in R&D means leaving your business to stagnate. It’s hard to identify innovative changes that will boost profit margins and ensure business success without a commitment to research. What type of research to conduct will depend on the nature of your business. That also determines what research instrumentation, methodology, and processes to use. 

  • Inadequate resources


Running a business is challenging enough, but it’s more difficult when you need to scramble for resources. After all, you can only do so much with limited resources. How many resources are at your disposal will determine your production outcome or output. Your resources cover anything from the talent available in your team to your equipment or supplies. Inadequate resources can easily affect your bottom line. So, you must ensure reliable access to everything you need to deliver to your customers before you start any production process. 

  • A lack of value proposition


If you operate in a very competitive industry, a lack of value proposition is one major bottleneck to business growth. What makes your business, products, or services stand out from competing ones? Why should a target customer choose your brand ahead of a competitor’s? What value do you offer your customers they won’t find in your competitors? Such questions can help you determine if you offer any value proposition. 

Beyond your customer base, you must also determine what unique value proposition your business has concerning sales and marketing and how this proposition can help your business outperform competitors.