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The stress that comes with being in debt can be one of the worst things you ever experience. It can make you feel sick to your stomach with anxiety, so depressed that you can’t see a way through, unable to sleep at night scared of what the morning might bring. So, it’s vital that, if you’re dealing with unmanageable debt, you do whatever you can to find some peace of mind and work through your problems. Here are a few things that might help:

Don’t do it alone


A problem shared, is a problem halved, as they say, so don’t be embarrassed to discuss your problems with your nearest and dearest whether it be a spouse, a parent, or a trusted friend. Just talking about it can help to put things in perspective, and knowing you have some support will work wonders.

Get some professional help


Whether you speak to a debt counselor, look at this DTSS review, or call your creditors up and ask for some breathing space, there is lots of professional help out there offered by people who know the issues that debt causes inside and out, and they will help you if you only reach out to them.

Draw up a budget


Drawing up a budget is something practical you can do to help yourself. It will enable you to pinpoint how much you have coming in and going out each month and it will enable you to identify areas where you can cut back further. Not only will this help you to get on top of your debts, but it will give you back some much-needed control over your life too.


Start a side-hustle


Okay, so this won’t help everyone, and if you’re already working every hour god sends with little time for yourself it could make things worse, but many people find that setting up a side-hustle not only gives them a way of taking their mind off their worries, but also a way to earn extra money and fight their way out of debt, which is why it’s definitely worth considering.


Focus on the present


There’s no point getting yourself worked up about what might happen if you can’t meet your repayments X time in the future or how you’ll manage if you’re made bankrupt, all you can focus on is the here and now. Do whatever you can right now to make things a bit easier on yourself, whether that’s working out a budget so you can clear your debts more quickly or doing something completely different like losing yourself in a good book for an hour or so.


Focus on the positive


Sure, you may be struggling with debts, but do you have a healthy family? Good friends? Enough food to feed yourself? You have a lot more than many people around the world and reminding yourself of that fact could help you to feel less worried about your own situation.


Get some help, have some time out to yourself and do what you practically can and your debt-stress will be far easier to deal with!