Lesson #1: Email Marketing – Newsletters

Sending out newsletters or email marketing campaigns are a great way to stay connected with your audience. We’ll talk about various strategies, how often you should send newsletters, and best practices to get higher open rates and click-throughs.


  • Read this article from Entrepreneur and apply the practices that best fit your business. Relax. It takes time to test and figure out what works best!
  • The best days to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Send at LEAST once per month, no more than once per day (unless you’re promoting an event or webinar to someone who signed up for it).
  • Always send an automated welcome email (along with your freebie) when someone first signs up to your list.
  • If you have multiple landing pages for various services or products, segment your lists to best market to specific groups of subscribers. i.e. If someone is interested in your “How To Start a Dog Walking Business” course, but not your Dog Walking services, don’t send them emails about your services.
  • Send emails any time you’re offering a new product or service to the appropriate list segments.
  • Don’t include too many images unless you’re selling products.
  • Once per quarter, go through your lists and remove people who haven’t opened your emails in the last 3 months. Why bother sending (and possibly paying for a larger list) if they’re not opening them anyway?


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