Lesson #1: *Know Your Worth* Pricing and Scaling for Massive Income

You is SMART. You is KIND. You is IMPORTANT.

Many people undervalue themselves when first starting a business. They figure that if they aren’t an EXPERT then they should charge as little as possible. Or, they simply don’t know what to charge or how to work less while making more. We’re about to change that together and go over some important issues like self-confidence, fear of rejection, and creating value that brings in unlimited income. Ready? Let’s go! FYI – At 28:30 or so… I said that most beginning virtual assistants charge $25-$30 per month I MEANT to say PER HOUR!!!!

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1. Compare yourself to no one.

2. Embrace your mistakes, and learn from them.

3. Take opportunities to develop yourself. (Woo hoo! You’re doing that RIGHT NOW!) High Five!

4. Share your journey with someone you trust. (Hopefully, our FB group community is encouraging you along your journey!)

Make a list of what you think is valuable about you… for example…

1. I’m a loyal friend 

2. I get my work done on time 

3. I contribute a lot to my family 

4. I’m a good model for my kids 

5. I’m learning how to take better care of myself 

6. I have a good sense of humor etc.

Start a journal and keep track of these things…

1. Notice what you do for others every day that’s helpful.

2. Make sure you practice better self-care every day – through exercise, energy work, eating well or getting a good night’s sleep. People who value themselves take care of themselves. 

3. Follow through – when you say you’re going to do something for yourself or a friend, follow through, it raises your self-esteem. 

4. Take time to check in with your needs, feelings, and desires every day.  People who value themselves know what their “interior world” feels like. 

5. Write a daily gratitude list – it’s another way to find value in your life, even if you’re having difficulty finding value in yourself.

Do some research on pricing

Read “How Much Should You Charge for Your Services?” and figure out how much you need to charge. 

Create packages based on your hourly rate

For example, if you need to charge $50 an hour, create a package of services or products for $500 that you can easily do in 10 hours or less. Don’t forget, as you get better and faster, your hourly rate will go up.

Double, Triple, Quadruple, etc. Your Income by Outsourcing

THIS IS HUGE! **If I charge $500 for a service package and train someone else and pay them $10/hr (don’t balk at the price, wait until you hear…), then I’m getting $400 by doing NOTHING other than an hour or two of training and an hour or so per week checking in. That’s $400 per hour. The more clients you get, the more you people you bring on your team, the more money you make. Now, back to that $10 per hour. There are HIGHLY skilled, English fluent, highly-educated people in other countries (India is amazing for finding people with tech skills, The Philippines is amazing for Virtual Assistants) who are able to live VERY well on $10 per hour. If you make $10 per hour in The Philippines, it’s the equivalent to $40-$50 per hour in the USA. When you’re able to provide an amazing lifestyle for yourself AND OTHERS, you’re truly creating a Making It Pay Lifestyle.