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When you are running a business, the space in which you work has a huge impact on your employees and your company. Creating a space that is both a pleasant place to work, and that promotes productivity can be tricky, but there are ways to do it. 


The Layout


One of the first things you should contemplate is how to design the layout for your office space. The design of the space reflects the energy of the workspace and communicates the vision of your company to your clients and your employees. Any clients that walk through your office space should not have to navigate a maze of clutter or disorganization. You should also have the conference meeting or offices where clients will need to be towards the front of the building, so they are not walking through break rooms and kitchen spaces and copy rooms. 


The Atmosphere


You also need to consider the atmosphere of your office space. This includes things like color schemes, decorations, and artwork. Finding a good company to help you professionally paint your office space like www.mobilepaint.com will help ensure that your space looks its best. You should take into consideration the colors of your logo and stay true to your brand. Considering adding plants or artwork will also give it a more inviting feel. 




The way you utilize technology in your office space will either make or break productivity. Technology is what allows employees to collaborate and work efficiently, but it can also serve as a distraction as well. You should always make sure the technology you are incorporating into your office space is going to add to productivity and has a specific purpose instead of distracting and being flashy. 




Good teams collaborate together. When designing your ideal office space, it is important that people have places they can work by themselves, but it is just as important that people have areas where they can come together to collaborate. This goes beyond having a conference room for meetings. Having an open and inviting space in your office where people can feel comfortable to come and go and share freely will help to increase the amount of collaboration in your office. 


Light and Sound


The lighting in an office space and distracting noises have a much bigger impact on productivity than you may think. A quiet space to help employees remain focused is essential. Most people think they are good at multitasking and that it helps them be more productive. The truth is that when your brain has to switch gears, whether, between a new task or a distracting noise, it takes much more time to refocus on the task at hand than you think. Eliminating distractions helps your brain to focus and will leave you feeling less tired at the end of the day. The same can be said of the lighting in an office space. Poorly lit areas make it harder to focus and make employees feel sleepy. Adding brighter light will help energize and foster creativity in the workplace.