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If you’ve just opened up a business of your own, those first few weeks are crucial to finding the balance between your new professional responsibilities and your cozy personal life. Sure, you’ve got a lot of work to do and long hours to do it in, but you still need to get a full night’s sleep and see your parents on the weekend! 


So how can you disconnect the two from each other and file away each responsibility in the right cabinet? It’s something all new entrepreneurs worry about, so feel free to check out our expert tips below. 

Set Your Working Hours and Enforce Them


If you live with other people, it’s a good idea to let them know in a firm but friendly way that you’ve got strict working hours. Even though you’re still at home, even though you’re just in the next room, you’re not to be disturbed! So pick your working hours, install a lock on your door (if you need to), and then get to work within this block of time only. 


Get a Second Phone or Tablet


Being a business owner seems like more than a full time job, but that’s often because you get your wires crossed. What do we mean by that? That simply put, you’re blurring the lines between personal and professional communication! 


And the best way to stop this is to get a second phone or tablet you can take work emails, calls, and video conferences on. If this seems like an expensive option, remember that you can get a Prepaid Bill for the new device, rather than have to sign up to a new contract for it. 


Keep Clients Posted on Your Availability


Your clients need to know first about when you’ll be available. Now, your general opening times and working hours can be listed easily on your website, but be sure to drop the occasional reminder on your social media accounts as well. 


Similarly, be sure to tell them when you’re likely to respond to messages – many small business owners will do this via the ‘stories’ function across Facebook and Instagram, as it’s a good way to notify your whole follower base at once. If they know straight away, they’re less likely to be sending angry messages later on! 


Understand What Constitutes an Emergency


Disconnecting your personal and professional life will always be complicated. It’s why you should make rules early on about what is OK to step away from work for, and what isn’t. If there’s an alarm going off or something is burning in the kitchen, that’s fine! 


But if someone just needs advice right now, that can wait until later. Acknowledge the demands other people are making on your time, but be firm about when you’ll be able to get to them. This way you eliminate any guilt you might feel about the decision. 


Your personal and professional life don’t have to mix. Separate them for better business success later on!